Four of the best geo-productivity apps for your sales team

With sales teams continually under pressure to perform even better and close more deals, the going can get incredibly tough.  

Geo-productivity software can help. This maximizes time sent selling by minimizing interruptions and inefficiencies - such as driving time. In short, it empowers sales teams to reduce disturbances and bring revenue-producing activities to the fore.

Enhancing your CRM

Geo-productivity apps integrate with existing CRM systems so that they become part and parcel of the sales workflow.  They work by drawing-down data from the CRM, using it to organize and prioritize meetings according to the value of the prospect and the chances of closing the deal.  The bet apps will also look at where the accounts are located, plotting the most time and cost effective routes whilst filling in any gaps with new prospects.  


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The perfect tool for any highly-mobile sales team, these types of apps bring together both geo locations and route optimization, linking to Salesforce and similar CRM systems. By using this, your sales team will be able to prioritize their sales visits and reduce time wasted traveling between meetings.  

The result is more time spent selling and far less driving, with valuable time being maximised and meetings being made at the right time and place, boosting revenue.  All of the field sales planning is taken charge of by these apps.

Here are five of the best that you are sure to want to add to your shortlist when looking at which is the best geo-productivity app to purchase for your sales team.

1. MapAnything

MapAnything is a geo-productivity platform that is available on the Salesforce app exchange and ServiceNow. It covers most of that will do all you need including maximizing the number sales, customer service and marketing your reps can meet, generally boosting productivity.  

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Thanks to route optimization, your reps can attend far more appointments, manage more leads cover more territories than they otherwise. There’s also the option to track your vehicles and assets and improve service call dispatch.

2. Repsly

This really does combine the best of both sales team management and sales enablement.  Managers can use this software to monitor and also communicate with their sales team, whilst reps can use the integrated mobile CRM to manage their clients and capture essential information when they are out in the field.

If you need a way of managing your mobile sales team with a fully-integrated sales mapping tool, this could be for you. It’s easy to use, and packed with clever features like time and location stamped photo capture and an inbuilt time and mileage tracker, which makes expenses tracking that much less of an issue.

3. Outfield

Outfield provides a fantastic sales and marketing tool for those on the move. It’s available as a native mobile or iOS app so there’s flexibility across devices - this is particularly useful if you’re a BYOD company and your reps rely on their own devices when out in the field.

Outfield can save your reps driving time by scheduling meetings at client sites in the most efficient way possible. A basic activity tracker, notes, territory mapping, geotagged photos and dedicated support all come as standard, with route planning, instant messaging and advanced analytics available at higher price points.

4. Veloxy

Still very new to the market, the focus here is on harnessing the power of the latest technology solutions, enabling sales teams to not only work more efficiently but to close more deals and maximize sales.  Veloxy combines the very latest in predictive sales enablement technology with geo location and meeting management.

The geolocation lead management feature is easy to use. Whilst it won’t optimize your route it can give you background and essential info on your leads with a simple tap. You can also view your leads as clusters, making planning sales calls that much easier.

So there you are – five of the best.  Geo-productivity apps are still relatively new to the market so you are likely to find new ones appearing frequently.  Whichever one you end up selecting this powerful software definitely has the power to revolutionize your sales team and overall company performance.


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