Selecting a CRM

Selecting the right CRM for your business is vital for your project success. Below, we've gathered our top resources related to selecting the right CRM and broken them down into key categories based on the stage of your selection project. You'll find a selection of white papers and articles detailing each part of the selection project.

Requirements gathering

CRM requirements template: our free, downloadable template including over 120 popular CRM software modules and features to start your selection project.

A guide to CRM requirements gathering and key features - this comprehensive guide explains the requirements gathering process, and features you should look for in a CRM.

The ultimate top CRM features guide: the ultimate CRM features guide lists the best CRM features by their importance - must-have, nice-to-have, and added extra features.

22 useful CRM features you may have missed during requirements gathering: this guide shares the 'hidden gems' in CRM features that you may miss during your requirements gathering.

CRM selection process

CRM Software Selection Checklist: our downloadable CRM selection checklist makes sure you don't miss any step during CRM selection with over 100 actionable steps to keep you on track.

CRM selection survival guide: everything you need to know about CRM selection is available in our comprehensive step-by-step CRM survival guide. 

Your definitive CRM selection guide and checklist: this selection guide and checklist will walk you through the selection process, and how to find the right system for your business.

Why your selection team determines your CRM project success - the importance of choosing the right selection team for your project, and how this can impact the project's overall success.

Questions to answer before selecting a CRM: what questions you should ask your CRM vendor before sealing the deal and selecting your system.

How to select a CRM with business growth in mind: how to find a CRM that will scale with your business and specific areas you should take note of when selecting a CRM for a growing business.

Comparing systems

CRM comparison engine: our CRM comparison engine allows you to compare any system from our vendor directory against similar systems based on CRM features, implementation timeframe, and pricing.

CRM comparison guide: our CRM comparison guide compares a selection of top CRM systems based on features, pricing, and more.

CRM pricing: eight points of comparison: compare different CRM systems based on their cost using our comprehensive pricing comparison guide.

CRM Pricing Guide: our downloadable CRM pricing guide shares the cost of top CRM systems to provide you with an accurate picture of how much you can expect to pay for CRM. 

Cloud CRM vs on-premise CRM: an objective comparison: this guide to cloud CRM and on-premise CRM provides a comprehensive view of the advantages and disadvantages of the two main deployment methods of CRM.

CRM demos

How to make the most of your CRM demos: our complete CRM demo guide walks you through the process of hosting CRM demos, controlling the demo, and evaluating its success.

What should be on your CRM demo script: this guide shows how to formulate your demo script and control your vendor demo so you satisfy all your business needs and questions.

Vendor shortlisting

How to create the ultimate CRM vendor shortlist: our free guide to shortlisting vendors discusses how to find a vendor that meets your requirements, has references, and fits your company needs. 

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