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With 560 million members, LinkedIn is the largest social network in the world for business professionals. Allowing users to build their own identity, access insights, knowledge and opportunities, it also enables engagement via a huge professional network. 

With so much potential at your fingertips, it therefore makes perfect sense to integrate your CRM system with the data available via LinkedIn.  The simplest way to do this is to make use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator software.

Benefits of having a CRM LinkedIn integration

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows complete integration with certain compatible CRM software.  The benefits of having a LinkedIn CRM integration are immense.  Sales teams can tap directly into LinkedIn from their existing CRM, enabling them to fully engage with leads and prospects.  There is no copy and pasting as the two systems can work as one. When you open up a record in the CRM, you can be sure that it is being tracked down in LinkedIn, thus boosting productivity.

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A paid-for tool, LinkedIn Sales Navigator includes advanced search tools, activity streams and a message-sending facility. By linking with your existing CRM, it enables sales teams to:

  • Track down targets quickly and easily
  • Improve prospecting
  • Qualify leads much faster
  • Receive real-time updates on prospects/leads
  • Shorten the sales cycle

In order to integrate your CRM with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you need to be sure that your software is compatible. Let’s take a look at CRM software with LinkedIn Integration that can easily be paired up.

CRM software with LinkedIn Integration


With 28% of sales reps/business development professionals using social selling tools, it makes sense if they are able to all of this via one screen.  LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator syncs with Zoho, allowing all prospects to be viewed through the CRM window.  Users can research prospects before contacting them, quickly pulling up information about them from LinkedIn.  This saves a tremendous amount of time and boosts accuracy. By getting to know your prospects in advance, you can ascertain if you have things in common.  The system also shows lists of related people/leads, matching them to the profile currently being viewed.  According to studies, 6.8% of buyers are involved in the decision-making process, so having access to these relevant leads is vitally important. Users can communicate with all parties concerned if necessary, making it far more likely that they will be able to close the sale.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is also compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Providing far more meaningful and personal engagement, this combination allows users to focus on the right prospects, connecting with key decision makers.  Think of LinkedIn as a treasure chest that you can delve into and find the correct contacts within organizations. As inter-relationships manifest amongst those contacts, the probability of making a sale increases.  You can easily keep track of buyers whilst gaining invaluable insight into their specific interests via the discussions they take part in. When jobs change or prospects connect, the system tells you about it.  The content that you send to buyers can be far more personalized.  Data is automatically synchronized across LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 for Sales and Office 365.


Merge the two together and you now have all of the best features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator within the contact records of your HubSpot CRM. Forget wasted time and opening up different windows.  Functionality is not compromised.  If you have used LinkedIn Sales Navigator before, you now have the perfect pairing within the HubSpot database. At the touch of a button, you can track down leads, view mutual connections and those with mutual interests.  All of this without having to leave the HubSpot portal.


Sales teams can now avail themselves of the combined advantages of LinkedIn and Salesforce via the AppExchange integration.  It becomes so much easier to target the correct buyers and companies that are a good match for your products or services.  Check out social profiles in advance in order to understand the psyche of the person you are selling to.  By personalizing all communication, buyers are far more likely to engage. All sales activities are automatically captured within the Salesforce LinkedIn Integration.  LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for Salesforce makes the whole process simple, producing seamless sales prospecting.  Sales teams can now import accounts from LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator directly into Salesforce.

Users will benefit in so many ways:

  • InMail Messages and notes will automatically show up in Salesforce.
  • CRM contacts will import into Sales Navigator allowing personalization of outreach during deal cycles.
  • LinkedIn information can be viewed directly from the CRM contact records
  • Essential data from open opportunities in Salesforce will be shown within Sales Navigator.
  • Leads assigned to specific users in Salesforce will import into Sales Navigator, being linked automatically to the same user.
  • Sales Navigator will also show suggested leads, based upon information gathered from Salesforce and combined with LinkedIn’s own data science and algorithms.

Final thoughts on LinkedIn CRM integration

LinkedIn is such a powerful business network that it cannot afford to be ignored.  Literally a goldmine of information, by making full use of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your own CRM software, a wealth of valuable data can be found at your fingertips.

By ensuring that your CRM software is compatible with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and following the process to pair the two together, sales teams can become so much more effective.  One of the biggest assets here has to be the ability to tap into personal information and then use that to send bespoke communications – written or verbal – to prospects.  Customers are no longer prepared to respond to bland sales and marketing literature or telephone scripts that are not related to them.  They are looking for immediate value and something that they feel will provide them with what they are looking for, or solve a specific problem.

The union of compatible CRM software with LinkedIn Sales Navigator results in a mighty powerful sales and marketing tool.  Businesses that want to see real results from prospecting can do no better than to tap into this valuable LinkedIn CRM resource. 

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