Benefits of a CRM integrated with Microsoft

The modern CRM market is very diverse and colorful, but it can be easy to get lost in the great variety that is on offer.  

Trying to figure out which key benefits you’d like your business to realize from a system is a good start. One of the common needs is a CRM software that is well integrated with Microsoft

Let’s have a look at some of the areas that a CRM integrated with Microsoft can improve in your business processes. 

Keep your clients and contacts safe

You can’t be careful enough, especially when working with clients’ personal data. There’s always the threat that we could become the victim of a cyberattack. And for those with European clients, GDPR brings a long list of compliance demands.

However, this is one of Microsoft’s strengths. All the data in the cloud is well-protected and stored in a safe data center. Microsoft is one of the safest cloud services out there. 

With a CRM integrated with Microsoft, it is possible to keep using your new and existing spreadsheets in Excel. The difference is that you can simply save your spreadsheets straight into the CRM system, and you can always find them there! Nothing is more simple and safer than having all client details in one place. 

Manage your sales and projects

Even though various modern chat systems and social media are experiencing a boom at the moment, e-mail still owns the workplace. This is a place where you can find all the important communication, addresses, and attachments.

Let’s assume you and your colleagues use Outlook. Your team is used to the calendar and other features in there. Going for a CRM that integrates with it is a huge benefit without the learning curve of learning a new system interface. You’ll automatically have all the information you need inside the system as well. Nobody’s memory is perfect. This way, you can never miss a sales opportunity and you can manage all your projects straight inside your mailbox. 

Sales reps will love the possibility of creating monthly reports straight inside their Outlook. All you need to do is feed it the right data!

Track your documents

It might be challenging to always keep our desktops clean and organized. Sometimes, it may take a while to find the correct document or to keep track of what has and hasn’t been finished on which project.

What if you could save all your Word documents straight into your CRM system, where it would wait for you linked to the correct client or project? A general share point is must-have. A share point linked to CRM is even better, and provides your teams with full visibility of client interactions, and documents.

Save time and energy

So all in all, why do people look for CRM systems integrated with Microsoft?

Because it allows them to perform all their daily tasks in one place, they don’t risk forgetting important things, their data is safe and most importantly – they save lots of time!

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Kateřina Rosová

About the author…

Kateřina Rosová is the Marketing Manager at eWay-CRM.

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Kateřina Rosová

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