Three reasons to integrate your CRM and accounting

Many businesses use certain software solutions that help them manage their day to day operations. CRM and accounting systems are among the most popular software used by businesses of all sizes across the world. But, how do CRM and accounting work together? And what benefits does this integration have for your business? Learn the top three reasons to integrate your CRM and accounting.

CRM and accounting 

In today’s fast and digitalized world, it seems like CRM is a must-have for every company that wants to stay on top, or even remain competitive. CRM helps businesses manage their customer interactions, sales, marketing campaigns, contacts, meetings, leads and so on.  

But CRM is not the only software solution companies turn to. Even though one of the main purposes of using a CRM system is having all information in one place, many teams are used to other software as well. One of them is accounting systems, which help companies manage back-end processes, such as customer purchase information, billing and shipping information etc.  

Firms using both CRM and accounting software sometimes experience issues; the information exchange between these two systems may not always be perfect and therefore you may lose leads or other valuable data. It also takes a significant amount of time to manage both these systems daily. And of course, having a good CRM and accounting software can be costly. 

But what if we told you your CRM and accounting system can work together

Eliminate error 

Mistakes simply happen. No matter how many smart gadgets and programs we use, we are still only human. We forget, we make typos, we forget to save… By eliminating the number of different systems your employees need to insert data into, you also eliminate error, such as duplicates, or the opposite, lost data. 

Save time and money 

Everybody knows that inputting information into a system takes time. We do it because we know we will benefit from it in the long run, and it saves us precious minutes, or even hours, every time we are looking for information, or when we need quick reports and overviews. Naturally, inputting the same data into two separate systems is even more work. Integrating your accounting system and CRM can save your precious time which, in turn, can be also cost-effective, especially if you go for a CRM which already has an integration with an accounting system

Speed up the business process 

A CRM integrated with your accounting system is a huge benefit for your whole company. It may happen that your team may be resistant at first, as some people generally do not like changing their habits and learning how to operate within a new system. Make sure you spend enough time and energy on proper training, listen and talk to your team, and explain why this is good for all of you. 

Working becomes easier, faster and more intuitive. Emphasize that your sales team gets a 360-degree view of their clients, all information is clear, well-organized and in one single space. Staying on top of information has never been easier.

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Kateřina Rosová

About the author…

Kateřina Rosová is the Marketing Manager at eWay-CRM.

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Kateřina Rosová

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