Pitching a CRM project

Pitching a CRM project can be a daunting prospect, especially when considering a pitch to senior management. Below, we've gathered our top resources related to pitching the benefits and returns from CRM. 

CRM ROI guide: get your free, downloadable guide to calculating your CRM return on investment to provide you with a solid expected quantitative and qualitative return. 

Ten CRM features that bring the highest ROI and benefits: these CRM features can be expected to deliver a high impact return on your CRM investment in many ways.

The biggest advantages of CRM: these are the biggest benefits you can expect your CRM to deliver to your business, and what they mean for your business' future success.

Advantages of CRM for small businesses: here are the top advantages of using a CRM system for small businesses, and how your business can realize these benefits too. 

How much ROI should you expect from implementing a CRM?: this article discusses the expected ROI of CRM and what savings you can expect to make from implementing CRM.

Challenges of implementing a CRM for small businesses: prepare your pitch for any objections by being aware of the challenges of implementing a CRM for a small business.

How CRM can improve your sales teams' prospecting activities: learn what advantages CRM has for your sales team and how it can improve sales activities such as prospecting.

How to carry out a CRM cost-benefit analysis in three steps: learn how to conduct a CRM cost-benefit analysis to calculate an accurate rate of expected return from your CRM project.

Harnessing the power of data: benefits of working with an all-in-one CRM: how CRM can unlock your data to achieve even greater results in your business. 

Five benefits of an all-in-one CRM: here are the top five unique benefits you can expect from your CRM.

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