Harnessing the power of data: benefits of working with an all-in-one CRM

For businesses, the ability to analyze and act on data is becoming more and more important. Environmental conditions and customer demands are constantly in flux, calling for prompt action. The problem is, managers sometimes need to understand high volumes of data before taking any action. This is where all-in-one CRMs come in to assist decision makers.

CRMs present businesses with the capacity to collect clean data and make it actionable by adding context. This information can be used to improve customer relationships, increase revenue, maximize upselling, and promote better internal communication. Additonally, these systems can easily be integrated with third party apps. Here are some of the benefits all-in-one CRMs bring to the table when it comes to harnessing the power of data.

Meet goals with lead management

To succeed in lead management, you’ve got to identify your sales process. CRMs track interactions with customers and prospects to do just that. With a CRM it is possible to see where a marketing lead came from while tracking emails and calls. Then, you can segment this information to make a more data driven decision about what to do with these leads. Easily score leads and deep dive into lead information based on industry, channel, lead source and other attributes when you use a customer relationship management system.

Facilitated opportunity management

Opportunity management sheds light on the sales pipeline because it provides businesses with a big picture look at where your opportunities aligned with your sales process. All-in-one CRMs standardize this sales process, ensuring opportunities are on the right track. With data provided by the system, companies can determine the next step they have to take to improve win rates.

Capture lead data with landing pages

You can also amplify your landing page efforts with CRM triggers and data acquisition. Clean, qualified lead details will be automatically entered into the CRM attached to customer records, and leads can be classified by location, deal stage, product interest and more.

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Zero in on your target audience with email marketing

With an all-in-one CRM, campaigns can also be sorted by different attributes to boost targeting acumen. Email marketing can be scored by different actions like clicking a link on the email or opening a message, and this data can be used for added context. Information provided by email metric reports offer additional insight. What’s more, with powerful triggers, the right emails can be sent at the right time to increase customer satisfaction. Examples of emails triggered include welcome emails and messages letting consumers know their customer support question has been received.

Boost ROI with lead nurturing

Lead nurturing bolsters sales, enhances customer relationships, and saves marketing money. CRMs enhance lead nurturing campaigns by gathering clean, complete data and offering the ability to segment it. Additionally, CRMs can be used for campaign personalization, as they monitor lead sources.

Understand data with powerful analytics

All of this data would go to waste if it wasn’t aggregated and analyzed. When you examine information with a CRM, business choices are streamlined. Your business endeavors will be enhanced by customer categorization, event monitoring, predictive modeling and profitability analysis. You also have the ability to use the system to measure customer engagement so that informed decisions can be made about company offers and partners.  

The big picture

To run a business, you’ve got to harness your data. Companies looking to leverage the information at their fingertips to acquire and retain customers and analyze relationships will want to consider integrating a CRM into their business.

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