Five benefits of an all-in-one CRM

All CRM solutions can offer some unique benefits to improve business operations. As a baseline, most will help you manage your accounts, keep track of your contacts and create sales forecasts. An all-in-one CRM system has more advanced integration possibilities, such as departmental solutions to help manage leads, customer service relationships, marketing, and more.

Here are five benefits that make all-in-one CRM the best choice for many businesses.

1. Integrated contact channels

An all-in-one CRM system puts all points of contact in one place. Information from emails, social media, phone calls and elsewhere are all available. Most all-in-one CRMs also integrate with third party platforms such as Stripe or FreshBooks.  

2. Flexibility

Compared to one-solution CRM options, an all-in-one system offers a variety of product solutions that can adapt to future applications over time. You can adapt an all-in-one system to serve a specific purpose and then take advantage of more advanced features as your business changes and grows.

3. Better customer service

Good customer service involves eliminating barriers between a customer’s needs and success. If they need to explain their problem to every new sales representative they talk to, it can be frustrating.

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If you use an all-in-one CRM solution, then employees around the organization can easily access the same customer information. These profiles make it easier to address customer needs smoothly.

4. Communication that drives sales

An integrated CRM system also makes it easier to anticipate customer needs. Comprehensive customer profiles give helpful information such as when customers should renew their contract, or their previous purchase history.

With the help of mobile CRM, sales representatives can take advantage of this information to drive sales. In companies that have adopted a mobile CRM, 65% of sales reps report reaching their sales quotas. At companies without mobile CRM? Only 22% of sales reps hit their numbers.

Ease of communication can go a long way to driving better ROI.

5. Comprehensive analytics

In today’s world, top-of-the-line marketing efforts require information about prospects to succeed. The more data you have about your prospects, the more insights you can draw to improve sales. An all-in-one CRM system centralizes all your customer data in one place, making it easy to analyze and learn from. You can also save time collecting and distributing insights throughout your organization.

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