The top three benefits of implementing CRM

A CRM system brings with it many benefits, combining your sales and marketing efforts with business processes and enabling you to look after and manage your valuable customers. It enables you to track and trace their buying habits and support them even after the sale is made. At the same time, it ensures that any new sales opportunities are not missed.

Whether you already have a CRM in place or are thinking about getting one, here is our take on the top three benefits of implementing a CRM.

Visibility of sales pipeline

Your sales pipeline will become clearly visible. As leads come in, they need to be immediately inputted into the CRM so that none are lost. How they originate makes no difference as long as the inputting process is followed i.e., they may come from trade shows, social media marketing, advertising, rep visits, phone calls, or emails received. Once in the system, everyone that uses it can view new leads.

When you want to know how a lead is progressing, simply look at its position in the sales funnel. The CRM will also show the probability of the deal closing so your sales team can focus on the most valuable. Analytics will enable you to spot trends, such as flagging up problem points that need addressing i.e. leads stalling midway through the cycle. All the information you need is here, enabling you to be far more efficient and make more sales.


Consistency makes customers feel safe and secure, inspiring trust. When you do things the same way such as making phone calls, sending emails, or following up on sales, they are far more likely to stick with you. And we all know that hanging onto an existing customer is far more profitable than making a new one. Some figures even say that each retained customer is worth up to five times more than a replacement. Customer loyalty is essential if your business is to thrive. Your CRM will track all customer interactions, even letting you know when orders drop off. Essentially, it enables you to keep promises by flagging up due phone calls and ensuring that communication is ongoing and frequent.

Improving customer service

Customers love it when their experience is streamlined, fast, and easy. They hate it if they are kept hanging on the line when they phone and passed from one person to the next. The CRM allows operators to identify the customer immediately, flagging up their history and notes of any current issues. Sales teams will know what they usually buy and what they’re likely to need going forward; most of the time, their call can be dealt with without transferring. You will even be able to recommend new products or services to them that may suit their profile. Most of all, at the end of the call, you will have a happy customer. Even emails can be replied to quickly and accurately, all thanks to the CRM.


These are only three benefits of a CRM and there are many more. By making your staff far more customer-focused and your systems and processes efficient, your organization will be able to always keep its promises, ensuring that no customer is ever forgotten. Used correctly and appreciated by staff, a well-functioning CRM system will provide your business with enormous benefits.

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Jane Tareen

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