Five of the best CRMs for real estate

Sophisticated and purpose built real estate CRM software enables anyone involved in the industry to manage contacts with ease, ensure that leads are followed up and deal with referrals effectively. But with so many real estate CRMs available, how do organizations decide which option to go for?

Here - in an order that is entirely alphabetical we take a look at five of the best CRMs for the real estate industry.

1. Contactually

Contactually offers superb features for keeping client relationships fresh by offering the facility to segment leads, create follow ups and even set up customised programs to deal with particular segments/leads. Very easy to use, a letter ‘grade system’ ranks your work on each lead.

Contactually allows you to concentrate on building relationships by linking to your calendar to book appointments and even your smartphone to log calls and texts. If your marketing involves social media, this can also be integrated to pick up leads.

2. Insightly

Anyone involved in real estate needs to keep track of clients, old and new; failure to do so can result in a drop in sales and poor reputation.  

Insightly takes care of this with powerful functionality that is totally mobile. Integrating with Gmail/Google Apps and Office365/Outlook it has a host full of useful features - for example, it can take care of not only the processing of documents (using PandaDoc) but also signature gathering; a really useful tool. Adding leads, converting them to opportunities and tracking sales is a cinch.

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3. Propertybase

Built upon the platform, Propertybase is entirely cloud based so you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive IT. Offering great after-sales and marketing tools it also includes apps for front and back office and will integrate easily with all websites and real estate portals.

4. REthink

Another great system that provides advanced MLS integration. Being built on a Salesforce platform, REthink is web-based and fully customizable. Created by experts within the real estate industry, it looks after buying, renting and selling as well as managed properties, automating processes that have previously been dealt with manually. It also comes with a full suite of apps that include marketing and sales automation, social CRM and web self-service.

5. Top Producer

This is great for those who want to integrate a Multi Listing Service (MLS) into their CRM.  Pulling leads together from over 100 sources, the software builds referrals intuitively. Tracking not only new leads but also happy clients, it keeps you in touch with both and this is the key focus of Top Producer. Not only will your sales pipeline be totally automated, but follow-ups are personalized and fed into your regular rota.

So there you go. These are just five of the CRM systems often used by real estate agents. There are many others out there, but these should definitely get you started on the right road to finding a great CRM to match your needs.

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