CRM administrator jobs: four questions to expect at interview

So you’ve done it.  The CRM administrator job interview is nailed and all you have to do now is make a good impression.  One of the very best ways of doing this is to be well prepared, and that includes knowing some of the possible questions that you might be asked at interview.

Whilst you cannot foresee the future and might well be asked to talk about things that you have not pre-planned for, by doing your homework and brushing up your presentation skills, you can ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at four questions that you may expect to be asked at interview:

1. Why do you want this role? 

The company is asking you this because they want to know if you are passionate about taking on the role so your answer needs to reflect this.  Break your reply down into a couple of positive answers, showing clearly why you love the role. These could be something like, “I enjoy supporting customers, the interaction with them and the satisfaction that comes from knowing I have resolved their problem.” Or your answer could involve the company, “I’ve always been extremely interested in (their product or service) and want to be part of it as you are doing a great job.”

2. What challenges are you seeking in this CRM administrator role?

This is being asked in order to ascertain what type of things you are looking for and to find whether or not you will fit well.  A good answer would include telling the interviewer how you best like to make use of your skills, such as taking care of staff training.  You can also say that you enjoy a challenge and that it motivates you in a very positive way. Show them that you have the skills, knowledge, and flexibility to handle any type of task, no matter how trying, that comes your way.  The icing on the cake will be if you follow up with real-life examples of how you have dealt with challenges well in the past.

3. Describe a typical working week as a CRM administrator.

Now is your chance to tell them about what you do in detail.  Tailor this to fit with the post that you are applying for, connecting your past experiences with those to come.   Focus on the job and illustrate how well organized and self-managed you are i.e. how you tackle queries from staff immediately, making sure that answering their questions is a priority.

4. Why should we hire you to fill the vacancy of CRM administrator within our company?

This is the magic question and time for you to showcase your skills, knowledge, and qualifications as well as your personality, linking them to the job in question.  If you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with the job description and the culture of the company, you can really make your mark. Back up your statements with examples to show how you have performed in practice. It is possible that other candidates may be more qualified or skilled than you but this needn’t stop you.  Think about your USPs and why you stand out. Are you energetic, passionate and proactive? If you are charismatic when communicating with others, make the most of this. Show yourself as a person who is confident and motivated and willing to give their all to the company.

Do all of this and that new role of CRM administrator should soon be yours!

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Jane Tareen

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Jane Tareen

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