What is a CRM agency

The CRM market is the biggest software market in the world – expected to reach $80bn in revenues by 2025.

There are CRM providers for almost every sector, all looking to capitalize on better technology, higher demand, and huge market size.

Market leaders Salesforce has 19% of the market, and there are tens of thousands of providers, including those in smaller niches.

With the large choice of providers and incredible features offered in the market comes a challenge – it’s incredibly hard to find the best CRM and set up for your business.

That’s where CRM agencies help. In this article, we’re going to look at how these agencies play a crucial role in selecting, implementing and managing your CRM.


Deciding on the best CRM for your business is a difficult task. You need to think about what features you need today and what features you might need in the future.

Then select a CRM that provides these features at the best price.

There are other concerns like user experience, staff training and pricing structures. A good CRM agency will help you run a procurement process, taking into account points like vendor shortlists and writing a detailed specification.

CRM agencies will be well placed to advise on the best CRM system to deploy for your business and what features you should be focusing on to achieve commercial objectives.


CRM agencies can also help set up your CRM system.

They will have experience avoiding the common pitfalls of CRM implementation and help you build an implementation plan for success.

Part of this process will be making sure the right team is in place. The CRM agency can provide considerable outside support but it helps to have internal team members also working on implementation.

The CRM agency can also manage the project to make sure it stays within budget and time constraints. They will also help put the human resources in place where required; this may be a specialist developer or automation specialist.


Some agencies work on longer-term assignments, helping clients manage the CRM to ensure it continues to deliver value.

This management can cover a wide range of activities. Some agencies embed several team members full time into a company to help with ongoing development and maintenance. Others may work on occasional projects or focus on training new staff.

Most businesses will look to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency, but for larger CRMs, the level of expertise required means a CRM agency is often necessary.

Wrapping up 

Many people ask us whether they should hire a CRM agency to support them. Our messaging is the right CRM agency generally provides a strong ROI. 

Choosing the wrong CRM or poor implementation are two huge risk factors when launching a new CRM project. A good CRM agency will ensure you avoid some of the key mistakes and get you up and running quickly.

Although CRM agencies aren’t generally cheap, if you have a complex project, they’re invaluable.

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Doug Haines

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Doug Haines has worked on a variety of CRM implementation projects and now writes on a wide range of topics. He is a regular contributor to Discover CRM

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Doug Haines

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