CRM consultant jobs - four questions to expect at interview

So, you have put in all the hard work, sent a knock-out CV to the company posting the CRM consultant job and have passed first base; you have an interview!  But don’t get too complacent, thinking that the new role is yours. Nowadays employers are expecting more and more from candidates at interview -  just like any other job you need to plan ahead, carry out detailed research and get to know the job specification inside-out before the big day.

Whilst you cannot possibly cover every type of question that you might be asked, here is our pick of four that might just crop up:

1. Tell us about one of your most recent consultancy projects.  

Pick out something really interesting and show how you handled the client’s request and brought it to a successful conclusion. If they had any particularly difficult tasks that you managed to resolve, talk about them.  For example, there might have been specific aspects of the CRM system that had to be tailored to meet with their requests, such as linking their unique sales process to match their buyers’ journeys.

2. What benefits could a company like ours expect after installing a CRM?

They want to know that you understand the many advantages that a CRM system can bring with it, so focus on the most important ones such as: being able to easily manage customer contact details; ability to track and measure the success of marketing campaigns; customer interactions can be held together centrally; customer actions and preferences can be logged; customer service requests can be dealt with far more easily.  Add in some examples of companies that you have worked with and show how their CRM installation improved their business. Cover a couple of different sectors to show that your experience is broad.

3. In your opinion, what are the best CRM software systems currently available?  

Don’t just reel off a list of names such as Salesforce or Sugar; include those that you know well and give reasons why they are so popular with your clients. Also, add in a few new ones to show that you are bang up-to-date with the latest software developments.

4. What sort of factors may prove to be obstacles for us when installing a CRM system?  

Again, include examples of past customer projects. This will show that you are aware that things can go wrong and that you will be able to advise clients and ensure that they do all necessary to ensure the success of the CRM installation. You could consider:

  • Not having in place a clear CRM transitional process
  • Focusing too much on the brand and not on the product
  • Omitting to prepare a clear and concise RFP
  • Failing to get top management onboard
  • Not taking account of how the CRM will integrate with existing software
  • Database cleansing is not carried out before the CRM goes live
  • Not making allowance for sufficient CRM system training

Whilst other candidates may be better qualified or have more experience, this should not hold you back. By using the interview process to get across your personality, passion, and eagerness to fulfill the role in a way that adds to the company offering, you will certainly stand out from the rest.

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Jane Tareen

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Jane Tareen

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