Six example scenarios to include in your CRM demo script

It is a common error to pay little attention to your CRM demo script, but if you opt for purely generic demonstrations, you will be missing out on some key learning time.  

Don’t let the CRM vendor rule the roost, or they will provide a display of their flashiest features without necessarily taking your requirements into account. What about the things that they don’t do so well or the ways in which the CRM needs to plug into your business processes?  

By sending out the same script to all vendors, you can ensure that they will address your specific requirements and be able to compare different CRM software on a like- for-like basis.

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You should view the CRM demo as a way of learning all you can about the software so that you can make a decision as to whether or not it is right for your company.  By taking the time to personalise your CRM demo script you can avoid problems later on down the line such as insufficient functionality, non-provision of essential automation for key processes and inferior user experience.

Take a tip from us and include the following six example scenarios within your CRM demo script:

How will users from different departments log into the CRM?   

Showing you a host of different features in isolation will not provide you with a joined-up view of what it will be like to actually work with the CRM every day.  Ask to be shown how the software would operate for a typical user from the point of logging in.

How will the CRM integrate with your other systems?  

Make a list of these and include things like accounts packages and marketing automation software.  You need to be sure that they will all work together smoothly and without error.

How will the system detect and store new leads?

This could be including a new lead from social media or adding a client when they browse your website. The CRM will be essential for tracking and nurturing leads so it is crucial that they show you how this will be dealt with.

How can we segment customer data and send targeted marketing materials via email?

Take a regular process that is carried out manually at the moment and ask to be shown how the CRM will handle it, such as sending out bulk emails for targeted marketing campaigns.

How do we move from one area of the CRM to another?

If someone is on the phone to a client and needs to provide them with historic details such as prices and order dates, how will they do this?  How do they move from here to adding details of new conversations?

How will your existing sales data be displayed for different departments? Your vendor needs to illustrate how the various dashboards will work and how workflows and configurations will vary for different users.  Give them some of your own data to input in advance of the demo so that you can see real-life CRM views.

If your CRM vendor feels that their system has any particular strengths, allow them time to show this at the end.  You never know, it may be these and a combination of the above that enable you to make your final choice by making a truly well-informed decision.

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