Three reasons to integrate CRM with your marketing automation platform

Integrating your CRM with your marketing automation platform enables you to do more than simply boost productivity and cut costs. Even though both of these key points are extremely valid, there are even more important reasons why you should integrate the two.

Failing to do so, and having each software system running parallel to each other, is not only clumsy but can result in you having to deal with leaks of information and the inability to provide your customers with an expedient and up-to-date service.

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Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you will take on board when you integrate the two platforms.

Organization and centralization of data

Customer records and history are highly visible and workflow is streamlined.  Research by SessionCam has already shown that 89% of users have integrated their CRM with their marketing automation platform in order to provide improved data management and ease of process.

Messaging is smooth and consistent

The sales and marketing teams no longer need to look into two separate platforms to message each other or update customer data as this is done automatically. There is no chance of communication breaking down and data leaks are negated with good data hygiene being enforced.

Less room for user error

Data does not have to be entered twice so there is far less chance of it getting lost or being contaminated. Controlling data becomes smooth and data inputting hours are reduced. Users can view, edit, input and organise efficiently from just one point.

Improved customer relationships

Having to input the details of multiple conversations twice and the confusion caused by looking at two lots of data/screens is potentially spoiling interaction with potential customers. By combining the two it is far easier to analyse customer behaviour and gain insight into their history; as a result, client relationships are vastly improved as is the sales team’s efficiency.

Emphasis of common goals

Forget different systems for each department. Marketing, sales and even customer service play their part in attracting clients and look after customers.  By integrating the software all three can sing from the same hymn sheet.

So as you can see, integrating your CRM with your marketing automation software provides a single platform for all teams to work from. Discussing customer behavior, analyzing reports and creating targeted campaigns all become so much easier with the chances of a lead being turned into a sale becoming far more likely.  In this way, sharing of information between different departments should be continuous, workflows automated and accountability enhanced. Most of all, with all of these many benefits in place, sales should flourish and grow and the company’s turnover rise.

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Jane Tareen

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