Four CRM project management features your managers will love

How would you like to make life easier for your project management team, providing them with facilities that will make their work far more efficient and productive?  With so many things to take care of; meetings, schedules, budgets, resources and reports, no wonder that on busy days the stress of work can seem overpowering.

By providing your project managers with a suitable CRM system, you will automatically be supporting them with features that they will love.  With so many high-performing companies using CRM project management software, if you don’t already have it in place, then you need to get organized!

Here are just four key functions that the CRM will provide them with:

1. Scheduling/Planning

To work proficiently as a team, it is important that each member is aware of each other’s responsibilities and tasks.  This way, confusion is eliminated and as new duties are announced, everyone knows what to do, having a clear view of deadlines and priorities.  Falling within this category, your CRM can provide tools that prioritize tasks and manage them along with access to a shared project management team calendar as well as providing a sophisticated task scheduling and planning tool.

2. Collaboration

When there are many people working together on one project, they may need to view or access work carried out by each of them.  For this reason, your CRM should provide you with fast ways of communicating and collaborating.  Files and data can be shared, team communication will become painless and tools such as team dashboards can show metrics, KPIs, and general project reports.

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3. Document management

If your project management team are still relying on Excel to take care of contracts, no wonder so much time is being wasted!  In addition, up to 90% of spreadsheets can contain inaccuracies so get rid of them and let the CRM take the strain; project data will then be accessible from one central location with immediate access on tap.

4. Reports

Your CRM will provide the facility to produce customized reports showing such things as project status, costs to date etc. as well as a KPI dashboard showing essential data on average project time, customer satisfaction levels or any other key performance indicators that you need to view.  Once the parameters have been set, the type of reports produced is up to your team.  They will also have the added peace of mind that the details provided are totally accurate and up-to-date.

So as you can see, a good CRM system can cover many essential features; just make sure that you do your homework well before purchasing, ensuring that your CRM deals in depth with all of the necessary project management required tools.  By implementing correctly and involving your team from day one, user acceptance should be high, particularly once they realize just how much easier their working life is with a sophisticated CRM in place.

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Jane Tareen

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