Five startups that will improve your customer service

Every business needs to take care of its customer service.

When your customers are happy, so is your business; they receive exactly what they need and your profits are healthy as a result.  Being courteous and professional and always listening to what your customer wants leads to loyalty, which should be the ultimate goal of any company.

With these words echoing in our minds, we have taken a look at five innovative startups that will enable you to improve your customer service:

1. Sorry-as-a-Service

If we described this as a platform that keeps customers happy, you would get a good idea of what Sorry-as-a-Service is designed to do!  Providing a unique personal touch in a digital way, you can use this start-up platform to send gifts that have been personalised to customers, boosting loyalty and saying ‘sorry’ if there has been a hiccup with their order.  

Already in use by many big companies, it provides a great way of mending a relationship and showing that you have a very human and caring side.  Click a button and send your customer a making-up gift and they will love you for life!


Experts in the field of RFP response, this start-up provides a cloud-based piece of software that eradicates any issues faced when responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs).  With a very simple and easy to use interface and integrating easily with Salesforce or Slack, it automates processes thereby saving time.  One of a kind proposal management software, it makes the whole task of responding to an RFP smooth and efficient.  

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3. Zipari

Here we have a consumer platform created for the health insurance sector. Aimed at making the consumer experience a much better one, it is very user friendly, providing personalised communication as well as interaction in real-time.  Consumers using this don’t need to use the phone as they can perform frequently used actions via Zipari’s customer portal, ensuring that their customer journey is a pleasant one.

4. Help Scout

This is a customer support platform based upon email, knowledge based tools and contact widgets.  Aimed at those employed in customer services, it makes the whole concept of customer support incredibly helpful and very human.  Customers no longer have to wade their way through complex portals and systems using tickets; every customer will end up happy, satisfied and ready to come back for more.  Forget frustrated customers as Help Scout enables teams to deal with thousands of messages as easily as they would email.

5. Qminder

Another cloud-based system, this helps you to greet customers in the right way, find out why they are contacting you and inform them of the status of the queue.  Once in place, visitors to your department will be able to sign-in via an iPad, very much geared towards self-service, providing them with a ‘virtual receptionist’ that takes care of their every need.  

The service provided is superbly personal and ensures that once the customer is placed within the queueing system, information will be taken from them and relayed to you, providing key data and timely insights.  It makes receiving customers far more intelligent and even provides performance analytics to measure the quality of customer service staff participation.

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