How to prepare for CRM vendor demos

Now you have the first CRM demo, booked, it’s time to plan for it so that you can extract maximum value from the time invested. In this article, we outline the steps you can take to make it clear from the outset that you are in control of the process, so that a minimum of time is spent on issues that have no relevance for your organization.

Make sure your team is well prepared

At least a couple of days before the demonstration is due to take place, you should gather your demo team and ask each member to state their top two or three-three objectives for your new CRM Software. Explain that you will be chairing the meeting/CRM demonstration (or assign someone else from your organization to be the chair) but that all members should be free to interject or ask questions at any point.

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Remind your team how important it is that the CRM software works for every department in the business. Go over your key requirements and ensure everyone is clear what features and benefits the company as a whole require from this new CRM system. You may wish to consider listing these features and benefits out as a team and assigning importance levels to each, dividing your list into two categories; ‘essential to have’ items and ‘nice to have’ items.

Keep the vendor in the loop

It is important that the vendor is aware before the demonstration begins of your program for this event and those you expect to be present. The best way to do this is by sending an agenda by email at least 24 hours before the demonstration is scheduled to take place. On the agenda you should list all meeting attendees (and their respective department titles) and time allocated for each agenda item. In order to fully explore the requirements of your organization and the ability of the CRM vendor, you will need to allow at least three hours, although even this might not always be enough.

Now, you have set the stage for a successful and productive CRM demo. Your team are aware of the company priorities and their specific department priorities and requirements in relation to the proposed CRM system and the vendor is aware that the demonstration has been carefully planned with timescales to operate within.

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