IOVOX launches multichannel marketing analytics tool

Call analytics company IOVOX has released Multichannel Marketing, a solution for marketers managing multiple marketing channels.

The solution uses enhanced data analytics to help increase inbound calls. It applies a unique phone number to each referral domain used for generating call traffic to the business.

Multichannel Marketing works by inserting JavaScript code into webpages featuring marketing campaign phone numbers. This allows the marketer to see which campaign is generating the most inbound calls and to compare the actions of paid versus organic.

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IOVOX says the solution works with their software's analytics features to provide marketers with insights into how each channel is performing, what needs to improve, and the ability to track website call conversions from ads and extract data down to the key word. Multichannel Marketing also integrates with campaign tracking in Google AdWords.

Business phone calls are continue to grow despite the impact of online marketing, said Carl Di Cicco, chief commercial officer at IOVOX on why the company has released the new tool.

“Marketing focused call-tracking solutions exist in the market, but tests prove that the results are often wildly inaccurate and can deliver a poor customer experience,” he said. “We believe bad data can cause more problems than no data when it comes to business-critical marketing decisions.”

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