Call analytics company IOVOX secures $10M in funding

European call analytics company IOVOX has announced the completion of a $10M Series A round of equity and debt financing led by Octopus Ventures, SF Capital, and Silicon Valley Bank.

The new investment will be used to expand IOVOX’s US operations and to execute a product strategy to widen the addressable market for IOVOX services, which allow users to sync, store, organize, and search their call data across devices.

The UK-based company counts a number of leading companies among its customers, among them British Telecom, Zoopla and Pizza Express. With its recent US expansion, IOVOX aims to build on the well-trodden ground of inbound call analytics and offer clients something more expansive.

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Ryan Gallagher, founder and CEO of IOVOX said “Historically, the call tracking industry has been focused on helping prove ROI for inbound marketing calls.

“While that is a very valuable service and is something at which IOVOX already excels, inbound marketing calls are just a portion of a company’s total call volume. With this new funding, we’ve set out to make all calls - regardless of source - actionable, informative, and able to be analyzed for individuals and for businesses of any size.”

Jo Oliver, investment director at Octopus Ventures said “IOVOX has built a valuable business throughout Europe with its focus on call analytics, and we’ve been proud to back its efforts.

“We’re supportive of the company’s vision, and we believe the data generated from calls is just as valuable as email and other data that passes in and out of a business every day. This funding enables IOVOX to make all this information available and useful for individuals and businesses.”

Drew Beito, vice president at Silicon Valley Bank said “IOVOX is empowering businesses of all sizes from across the world to derive insights from their call activities. We’re excited to provide this debt financing to IOVOX as it expands in the U.S. and prepares to roll out its new service offerings”

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