Three considerations when selecting a mobile CRM app

These days CRM systems have to be mobile if you are going to benefit from them fully.  With sales teams having ongoing access to your CRM, productivity can increase dramatically purely due to the added mobility.

With so much to gain from implementing a mobile CRM, here are some things to bear in mind before you go ahead and purchase.

1. Data security

No matter what type of business you are in, your CRM is always going to hold a vast amount of valuable and confidential information.  Whilst having remote access is great, you do have to consider the security of this data, particularly if your sales team are using personal mobile devices to access it.  It only takes a mobile phone or tablet to be left in the wrong place and sensitive data can be exposed.  You therefore need to ensure that your mobile CRM comes equipped with the very best security defences such as heightened password control and the ability to switch off reporting access for field sales, to name but a few.

2. Compatibility with devices you use

There is no point in having the best mobile CRM available if it does not work on all of the mobile devices you need it to.  Think about the mobiles used by your sales team before you buy as device compatibility is essential.  

Use this step-by-step guide to select the right CRM for your company

To make things easy all round, it is probably better if you keep to just a few set devices with the same operating systems rather than making the mix a complex one.  A lot of companies deal with this by using company-issued mobile devices, instead of trying to stretch the boundaries too far.

3. Stay focused on key functionality for your mobile workforce

It’s so easy to get swayed by the marketing material and end up getting all the features you need and whole lot more you don’t.  What you need to concentrate on is the sales team and what they need to do their job efficiently whilst on the move.  Loading the CRM with too much in the way of features can create confusion and even reduce production.

Decide on the essential features that you need by looking at what they do in normal day; those that conduct meetings with clients will need access to the sales pipeline and presentations.  Also important is the ability to log phone calls, texts and deal with all other prospect communication.  The secret is to decide how you want the CRM to work with your field sales team before choosing features.

You know how invaluable your CRM is to your office in general, so imagine the benefits that it can bring when your sales team have full mobile access.  If they regularly operate out in the field and spend little time in the office, then access can revolutionize the way they work and make a positive impact upon sales results.  Take the time to buy carefully, choose the best features to match your business and the way that your sales team function and go a long way towards boosting your productivity, not reducing it.

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Jane Tareen

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