Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM is a cloud-based platform offering sales & marketing automation within an “all-in-one” CRM. Cloud access to Mothernode CRM enables retrieval of historic customer data on mobile platforms, wherever communication with the customer takes place.

The CRM is sold on its ability to convert more leads into sales by streamlining processes and cutting out inessential steps that slow interactions. The software allows you to integrate all practices that would have been carried out in separate spreadsheets, word processing, and email software. Mothernode CRM also allows for file sharing and management, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of user error.


There is the option to use modules for analytics and customer segmentation, helping to streamline sales and marketing efforts. Communication with customers can also be standardized and automated through nurturing emails.

Mothernode CRM is built using a series of core modules that can be extended out into other areas of the business, such as analytics and customer service management. The CRM software is managed from a real-time, customizable dashboard, and integrates with Outlook and Gmail. API access to Mothernode CRM is also available.

Software features

  • API Access
  • Contact Management
  • Database Management
  • Integrations
  • Partner Tracking
  • Performance Reporting
  • Pipeline Management
  • Product & Price Control
  • Quotation Handling
  • Task Assignment
  • Territory/Quota Management

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Product details

Supplementary Features

  • Customer Service Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Relationship Management

Customer Size

  • Small (1-50 users)

Other Features

  • Multiple Locations

Hosting Method

  • Cloud

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Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM

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