How to plan and execute a successful CRM go-live

Before you press the button and go-live with your new CRM system, it is worth taking a little more time to plan ahead, focusing on some essential tips that will help ensure success.

Here is our pick of the bunch, based upon advice and tips received from businesses that have been there and done it:

Be ready for something new

Everyone involved in using the new CRM system has to be 100% opted in and ready for change.  It just will not work if some users decide to try and hang onto the old ways of working. Some may find it harder than others, wanting to stick with what they know best and do well, but a learning curve cannot be avoided. When the new CRM goes live it may feel like a dramatic change. New users may initially feel that they cannot adapt, and this is something that you need to be ready for. By introducing the new way of working via the CRM slowly, and in accordance with a planned and discussed timetable, any reticence from others should be much easier to tackle.

Communicate clearly, and well in advance

A successful go-live will definitely be enhanced if communication with your team is made clearly and in good time.  Whenever you correspond or speak with them about the new CRM, keep your sharing of information clear, concise, and constant; drip-feed it over a longer length of time so that people get on-board with the idea of progress being made gradually. Leave nothing to the imagination and invite users to get in touch with you if they have any worries or queries.

Manage performance going forward based upon the new CRM

Set incentives so that people are encouraged to use the new CRM. If you include user metrics into staff reviews, people will be further encouraged to adopt the new methods.  You don’t even have to use complex metrics – simply make staff aware that management will be using CRM metrics to track their progress and competency.  You should also include a discussion about this in regular team meetings.

Celebrate the birth of new processes

As far the CRM is concerned, it will go a long way to help if you make a point of singing the praises of the new system and getting staff involved.  Make a point of including those who helped to introduce the old systems so that they don’t feel overlooked or redundant. Set regular get-togethers, inviting users to put forward their experiences of using the CRM and celebrate at set marker points.  This will help the team involved to see and feel that positive progress is being made.

Focus on putting in place good practice and proactive on-boarding

Blend training into the on-boarding process, providing your team with clear instructions as to how they can be successful.  Illustrate to them what behavior is expected and provide plenty of support. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you go-live, training time is over.

By putting all of these recommendations in place, you should be able to execute a successful CRM go-live. It’s all about putting in place processes that will guarantee employee engagement and set a trend of continuous improvement.  

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Jane Tareen

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