Three sales technology developments to expect this year

2018 has begun and there are sure to be some exciting sales technology developments taking place within the year.  

With some forward-thinking companies already putting funding aside to enable them to keep up with current trends, they will be enabled to focus more intensely on their sales department, investing in technology and the increased use of analytics. This will enable them to measure the success of sales campaigns as well as the impact upon ROI.

Here is our pick of the crop so check out our favourite three and ensure that your sales technology is bang up-to-date this year.

1. Sales enablement programmes

these provide your sales team with the tools, information and content  that they need to be more effective. For this reason, 2018 will see the use of sales enablement programmes becoming more widespread, empowering teams to be far more efficient and knowledgeable and therefore successful. Recent research has shown that businesses with a sales enablement charter in place hit a 27.6% higher quota attainment rate than those without. In this way, sales teams are provided with all of the customer information that they need with a continual ongoing feed trickling through and updating them as they move forward to close the sale.  


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2. Mobile micro-learning coupled with AI

‘Have sales team will travel’, but being out of the office should not mean that access to sales coaching is limited. Micro-learning enables sales teams to learn on the go, ensuring that they remain productive whilst working away from their desks. Bring AI into the equation and sales training really takes off. An organisation called MindTickle are already looking at putting in place a platform to deal with machine learning, targeted solely at sales coaching on the go.

3. Increased use of sales analytics

With a recent survey by Salesforce showing that 79% of sales teams use or intend to use analytics to boost efficiency, and 76% of them already finding that analytics has improved their ability to provide a great customer experience, 2018 is set to be the year that even more sales teams make use analytically-driven solutions. Sales manager’s roles are made easier as they are able to see exactly what results are being provided and critical decision making becomes less of a risk.

As the year progresses, it will be interesting to watch as this new technology begins to impact upon sales. With successful sales professionals always needing to be fully adept and well-trained, the technologies above offer significant returns in empowering salespeople to provide great experiences for customers. Businesses that plan to invest in sales enablement programmes, mobile micro-learning coupled with AI and a more intense use of sales analytics will be taking careful note of the increases in sales and the financial benefits which materialise as a result.

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Jane Tareen

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