Salesflare CRM is a software solution aimed at sales teams in organizations of all sizes.

The product is designed to minimize the amount of time sales staff spends inputting data into their CRM solution; Salesflare claims to reduce time spent on data entry by over 70%. It is, therefore, ideal for teams that find themselves spending a lot of time manually entering contact information into their sales software or have large existing databases of client information.

The product’s key feature is its intelligent, automated data collection engine, which gleans client contact information from the internet, email accounts, and existing databases. The engine automatically populates the software’s contact book, saving teams vast amounts of time. Salesflare's software collaboration tool is another useful feature. It records detailed customer interaction information, so teams can automatically track the conversations they are having with their clients.

Salesflare can be used on mobile devices via their Android and iOS apps.

Software features

  • API Access
  • Contact Management
  • Database Management
  • Funnel Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Performance Reporting
  • Pipeline Management
  • Task Assignment

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Product details

Supplementary Features

  • Social Relationship Management

Customer Size

  • Small (1-50 users)
  • Medium (51-200 users)
  • Enterprise (201+ users)

Other Features

  • Multiple Locations
  • Customizable

Hosting Method

  • Cloud

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