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It is no wonder that hospitality CRMs are in demand by hotels as they can have a majorly positive impact on customer relationships. And to hotels, that means more guests and higher profits.  A specialized hospitality CRM not only collates valuable guest data but also takes the guesswork out of marketing campaigns, enabling them to be more accurately targeted, whether aimed at business or private guests.

If you are in the market for a hospitality CRM, you need to know what makes a good one.   We are going to take a look at some of the best, split between business to private guest (B2C) and business to business (B2B).

Business to private guest (B2C)

Here you need the hospitality CRM to be concentrated on managing relationships with the general public coming to the hotel as guests.  The data collected can then be used to communicate with them in a personal way with marketing tailored to suit each individual. 

Some of the best hotel and hospitality B2C CRMs are as follows:

1. Revinate

Created for hotels only, a great buy if you are looking to automate your marketing.  Get your promotions and campaigns bang on target by making good use of guest data fed into the CRM. Gain valuable insight into how to best execute your email marketing and avoid getting lost in the maze of spam mail and generic content.

2. For-sight

This CRM enables marketing teams to personalize each guest message, building relationships by showing real interest in their individual preferences.  The system can also be used to encourage guests to give feedback, the results of which can also be punched into the hospitality CRM, using the data to improve the guest experience.

3. Guestfolio

This system cleverly combines accumulated guest data with marketing automation. Users of the system get a 360 degree view of the guest, putting them firmly in control. Communications with each guest are personalized as the software gathers information together and analyzes it.  The Cendyn Guestfolio Hotel CRM helps to build the brand whilst driving revenue.

4. ZDirect

Travelclick have acquired ZDirect, a comprehensive suite of hospitality CRM software. Referred to as a ‘guest management solution’ it personalizes communications with guests. Users of the system are able to build an accurate user profile, enabling them to use dynamic messaging focused upon user preferences.  It even recommends what upgrades or offers to recommend, resulting in increased revenue.

Business to business clients (B2B)

Here the relationships are with brands and corporates.  Higher value and more intricate, the CRM software used for this purpose has to have advanced functionality.  When hotels are managing corporate accounts or events, there are often several decision-makers involved. Data needs to be accurate and communications transparent. It is vital that everyone is on the same page as far as communication is concerned. 

Some of the best hotel and hospitality B2B CRMs are as follows:

1. Amadeus

If your hotel needs to manage and cater for large events of more than 5000 sq. then this CRM makes prospecting for new business simple.  As data is captured it is shared across all departments.  Both the sales and catering teams can work together seamlessly.

2. Sales Suite

Cendyn not only provides a B2C CRM option but also B2B with Sales Suite.  Staff are constantly updated on client information, even when on the move. RFPs can be dealt with smoothly and swiftly thus accumulating more new business.

3. Salesforce

Definitely one of the most dominant CRM systems in the hospitality marketplace, Salesforce brings together a varied mix of both products and resources.  Integrating easily with current systems, it enables hotels to tend to clients in a personalized way, providing them with a supreme level of customer service and along with a carefully tailored experience.

4. Tripleseat

A newer CRM package, this is predominantly event management based.  Hotel sales managers can use it to organize room bookings whilst benefiting from detailed reporting.  It will deal with requests for proposals as well as handling restaurant bookings.

So there you have a good selection of the best hotel and hospitality CRM software around, covering both B2C and B2B functions.

What to look for in your hotel and hospitality CRM

Make sure that your chosen CRM provides all that your hotel requires in terms of the following features:

  • Marketing – capturing guest information is a priority if you want to use it to plan marketing campaigns. This way guest patterns can be analyzed and the information used for future reservation forecasting. Feedback from guest surveys should also be analyzed via the system, identifying strengths and weaknesses and looking at complaints as well as commendations. 
  • Marketing automation – the automation of your email marketing campaigns via the CRM database is a must-have feature.  Emails can be personalized without all of the hard work normally involved with a manual process.  Triggers can be set to keep in touch with guests between stays, encouraging return visits and positive feedback via social media and on the hotel website. 
  • Boosting the customer experience – the CRM will grab all types of personal data such as spa visits, use of mini bar, use of hairdressing salon, child-minding facilities or specific dietary requirements.  This does a tremendous amount to build customer loyalty and the reoccurrence of repeat bookings.
  • Operations management – running a hotel is not only all about the guests but also the daily operation of the hotel and its facilities.  Hospitality CRM software can be used to monitor costs such as labor, helping to reduce the time spent on such tasks as cleaning and maintenance.  By controlling work schedules precisely, the time and money spent on routine operations can be reduced and scheduled upkeep and repairs carefully monitored.
  • Centralization of database – when your database is centralized, all data relating to guests is logged in by members of staff spread throughout the hotel.  The information gained via conversations will be included, as well as that coming in via social media, emails, telephone calls or client reviews.  Because this all happens in real-time, the risk of duplicating data or not being aware of a recent occurrence with a guest is minimized.

Your staff may be superb when it comes to keeping hotel guests happy but they do need to be provided with the right tools.  Once you are armed with the best hotel and hospitality CRM system, it is far easier for the success of your hotel to be assured.

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