Four mobile sales startups to boost your team's performance

As the world of sales becomes more and more competitive, big brands and larger companies are continually on the lookout for new software and services that will enable them to get ahead of the crowd. We look at four of the most promising startups in the realm of mobile sales apps that are definitely worth keeping an eye on:

1. Pixoneye

Pixoneye is a novel start-up that has created an app able to scan users’ smartphone images to provide brands with consumer insight. Although you’ll definitely have to be cautious about privacy, by integrating into brand apps and asking for users’ permission, it gains useful marketing information through analyzing photos.


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The software is able to analyze these images and absorb information such as user age, interests, family details (such as whether they have children or pets) and then the brand will use this to send specifically tailored offers through to the user via the app. By making user of this clever data analytics facility, as customer’s needs change, so do the offers being sent to them.

2. SuperPhone

When it comes to SuperPhone, the premise of the app is a very simple, yet very powerful. Once users download the app, it allows them to see a whole dashboard of people who are messaging them. For example, a famous music artist may wish to promote their new album in this way, sending a text to their fans and allowing the fans to respond directly.  

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Able to deal with sending out millions of messages, it is totally mobile-responsive, facilitating bidirectional texting. By approaching the consumer direct, contacts mould themselves into valuable marketing connections as the amount of loyal supporters increases.

3. Teckst

This app provides a sophisticated platform for texting so that customer service teams can benefit from two-way texting with their clients. Much more personal than using a phone or email, clients tend to respond much more readily, taking on board the idea of being able to interact with product and service providers in a much more personable and instant way.  

In the younger age group, 18 – 24, research has already shown that 80% of customers prefer texting. This novel app now brings the power of texting to the fore and is able to integrate easily across all of the most well-used messaging platforms.


Imagine what it would be like if your sales team didn’t actually have to log into your CRM system. By making use of Tact, they don’t have to as it supplies an AI designated assistant that responds to voice commands, SMS and even an offline mobile app.  It allows users to deal with data entry and switch what was mundane admin time into productive selling time.

As soon as a device is connected to the app, this conversational AI buddy will sync customer data across multiple records, enabling sales teams to use it. This could be the start of virtual digital sales assistants becoming commonplace, enabling sales teams to move away from tedious and sometimes time-wasting data entry. It is now available via Slack.

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