Four ways CRM data analysis improves sales team efficiency

With more and more companies finding that CRM data analysis helps to improve their sales team’s efficiency, it is no wonder that many more businesses are investing in this sophisticated software.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why analysis of data provided by CRM software gives sales such a boost.

1. Remote working for your sales team

Choosing a CRM that syncs your data and analyses it immediately means that your sales team can work from any location. Gone are the days when they needed to rush back to the office to upload data from recent calls; now they can step out of a customer’s office, sit in the car and upload notes immediately to the CRM while the details are fresh.  

If you also make sure that the CRM is accessible from any type of mobile device, data will always be up-to-date and when in the office, less time will be spent doing admin and more on closing deals and making sales.  People in the office will also know exactly what is going on with each client as it happens, receiving essential sales data and being able to act on it instantly.

2. Instant access to key sales data

All good CRMs let you manage customer data centrally.  Things like contact details, sales figures, past orders, buying patterns; all of this and more will be accessible from your pipeline.  Sales reps will no longer need to take bulky documents with them when on client visits as they can refer to key data whilst interacting with the customer.  This creates a good impression, improving the customer experience whilst providing key intelligence that can make a world of difference to securing a sale.  

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3. Accurate sales forecasts

No sales forecast is worth looking at if it is not accurate or reliable and yet this data is vital to monitor performance and can help to motivate the sales team. Targets need to be a fine balance between being optimistic but also realistic and achievable.  

Any CRM that comes with good analytics and forecasting options can predict sales growth, show conversion rates and how long it takes for a prospect to journey through the pipeline. If you are not on target, your CRM will tell you i.e. if the number of outstanding prospects at the beginning of your sales funnel has dropped, you need to find out why, acting proactively rather than reacting once it is too late.

4. Smarter working

Nearly all CRMs will integrate with other tools online, sharing data and saving time and money due to less duplicate entries and the ability to automate routine tasks. You can link to emails for marketing using client data analysis for leads, convert prospects to new leads and link to your calendar so you never miss another appointment or deadline.  Add this amount of efficiency to your sales process and you will soon begin to see more deals getting closed.

So as you can see, putting the right CRM software in place that will supply accurate data analysis will definitely improve the performance of your sales team.  With access to powerful sales data in real time and fewer hours spent on time-consuming data entry, they will be freed up and empowered to do more of what is essential for all companies; selling!

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