How CRM software can improve your cold-calling

Cold-calling. Two little words. On their own, they sound harmless but put them together and they become the title of a grotesque horror movie set in some frozen wasteland.

Many modern sales teams have chosen to sidestep the whole fearsome cold-calling process, preferring instead to concentrate on CRM software and web-based lead gathering techniques.

But for others, cold-calling steadfastly remains as an integral part of their entire sales process. They’ve realized that cold-calling can offer a better ROI due to the personalized one-on-one nature of this much-maligned lead nurturing strategy.

Armed with the right contact management software - complete with smart and modern integrations, tools and features - cold-calling is still a valuable resource in any modern sales scenario.

Why cold-calling is still out in the cold

Cold-calling is generally regarded as having too many inherent flaws:

  • Time wasted talking to the wrong person
  • Salespeople no longer have the understanding of killer sales scripts
  • Cold-calling is a private interaction between sales rep and client - leaving other members of the sales team excluded
  • Telephone conversations require meticulous note-taking on the subject matter of the call, planned follow-ups, and other comments vital to the process
  • Accessing the right contact numbers can be hugely time-consuming
  • Concerns over updated privacy laws and data storage
  • Missed calls can be detrimental to your whole sales process

That’s where an advanced sales CRM can help.

How a CRM can drive your cold-calls

OK, there’s no getting away from it, and no use burying your head in the sand, cold-calling, and telemarketing are tough gigs at the best of times. But, times have changed, and finally, the technology has arrived to take the chill out of cold-calling. A modern sales CRM featuring a smart calling integration helping you to crack those cold-calls is just what you need.

5 great ways a CRM can help your cold-calling

1. Connect instantly with leads

If your CRM is already populated with targeted leads, an intelligent integrated dialing system will let you call directly from within your CRM - without the hassle of finding contact details. Get the right person you want, every time.

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2. Never miss another call

Missed calls can be costly - what if it’s one of your valuable cold-calls getting back to say they just might be interested? Using your CRM as a call center, missed calls will be logged directly into the lead’s card and a reminder set for you to return the call. When the call is returned in a timely and professional manner you’ve already gone a long way towards nurturing the lead and displaying your willingness to engage.

3. Playback improves call quality

A call record and playback facility as part of your CRM might sound a little creepy, but it’s a valuable partner to modern sales teams. Recorded calls can offer you a lot of great insights - clarify and emphasize the details of the call; learn from mistakes in your sales script; improve the quality of your sales pitch techniques. Plus, store all your calls and call history in one central location.

4. Keep track of productivity

If you’re a sales manager you need to know what’s going on. Your CRM integration can give you deep insights into the number of calls being made and received, and gives you the statistics to calculate their success rates.

5. Use your CRM for call training

Having a bank of cold-call recordings can be a central tool to your sales techniques and training strategy. The more information you have to hand, the better you can analyze what works and what doesn’t. Smarter and more successful cold-calling can be based on the actualities of proven real-life situations, with real data, that have worked in the past.

Why CRM software and cold-calling go hand-in-hand

Integrating your sales CRM with an intelligent cold-calling solution can offer your sales efforts an extra line of attack. Any extra means of smart selling is always welcome, and a system that takes the chill out of cold-calling and drives your sales forward in return has got to be worth thinking about very seriously.

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