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We have previously looked at the top CRM systems for real estate but these are the ones that cost money.  If you are a start-up or smaller company, you may be looking for free CRM software. Taking into account the top features of real estate CRMs, we have looked at the free CRM systems available on the market. 

They have been evaluated according to the number of contacts they will hold, their lead capture ability, tools for marketing and tracking features. With a free CRM in place, you don’t have to track leads manually, which is time-consuming. It also takes away your sales time. A reliable free CRM will streamline your lead management without any financial outlay.

1. Freshsales

This has to be top when it comes to free CRMs specifically designed for sales.  It ticks all the boxes when it comes down to tracking leads and reporting. It allows an unlimited amount of users and includes a lead scoring facility as well as an integral phone-system.  Complete with a mobile app, you can also use it on the move remotely. Free forever, although it is not designed specifically for real estate, it provides for an unlimited amount of contacts and flexible customization. It is ideal for estate agents who want to personalize their CRM and have lots of contacts to import into it.

2. Zillow Premier Agent

Specifically for real estate agents, this free CRM includes a lead generation tool along with the opportunity to upload your profile onto the Zillow platform.  Whilst some of the features may appear limited, it does provide an excellent email template as well as auto-responders and acceptance of 3rd party integrations.  It is the ideal CRM for agents who want to manage leads acquired via their advertising on the platform.  The system also includes full contact management, task list, and lead reporting.  

3. Insightly

Although this is not designed specifically for estate agents, it does the job very well.  It comes complete with inbuilt tools to take care of project management, monitoring of contacts and tracking of tasks until they are finalized.  One thing that is unique about it is that it provides a visual pipeline. This shows every stage of each project, including key dates and deadlines for tasks.  For agents seeking organizational tools to track leads, free of cost, Insightly is the one to go for. With the provision of two user accounts, the features are extremely project managed with options for adding notes, tasks, and reminders. It really enables users to handle their to-do lists, assigning and tracking projects as they occur.  It can work with several pipelines, provide sales metrics and full CRM automation. All of this and at no cost.

So there you have three real estate CRM systems, ideal for solo agents or brokers.  If you are just starting up and need to organize leads, there should be a free CRM system here for you.  Before committing, always look to see if there is a price to upgrade or if the system is free forever. Also check out the mobility, integration and expanded features.  These are the key things to look at when choosing your free real estate CRM. 

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