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A CRM is, and should be valued as, a system that enables you to interact powerfully with all customers, both current and potential. For this reason, when it comes to real estate, it provides an invaluable tool.  

But which do you go for?  One specifically designed for the real estate sector or a general-purpose one that you can customize?  The thing is, real estate CRMs are different from the run-of-the-mill sort so it is worth investing in the best. If you want the best level of control and it fits with your budget, then there are certain specific needs that a real estate CRM can satisfy.

Specific needs that a real estate CRM should satisfy

Whatever type of real estate operation you have, managing leads is crucial. Because the way leads are managed is unique to your industry, a specialized system will cater for this.  Here are just a few of the specific needs that will be taken care of:

  • Sourcing leads via listings and referrals
  • Not having to focus on repeat business, which is rare
  • Nurturing existing relationships to generate new referrals
  • Dealing effectively with the lead-to-close timeline which can be lengthier
  • Coping with the varied level of involvement throughout all stages of the sale

Generic CRMs can’t cope with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) feeds which is required to maximize efficiency.

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So run-of-the-mill CRMs just do not cut it.  Given that you have made your choice and have opted for a specific real estate CRM system, what are the top features that it needs to have?  

Features that are needed in a real estate CRM

Lead/contact management system – a strong contact management platform is vital.  You need to be able to categorize people according to the referring party, competitors, leads and clients. If you can further split between hot/cold leads, old/current clients and level of satisfaction achieved i.e. high/low, you can group together similar data and better manage your sales and marketing campaigns.

List management – as your core source of revenue, this feature should be top of your agenda.  Your CRM needs to enable you to customize your data to create custom lists based on deals, dates, offers, events, and commissions. It’s also great if you can attach property details/documents with the listing.

Email platform – whilst you may use social media for marketing, email will always be tops as most vendors regard it as being a more professional way of communicating. Features to look out for are pre-designed email campaigns for chosen contacts, a way of sending newsletters, and a good mix of email templates with keywords built in.

Drip email – this enables you to send automatic replies such as when a user adds a newsletter subscription.  After your 'Thank you’ message has gone, a series of personalized emails will follow, gradually funneling the potential client into coming to a viewing, asking further questions or taking part in some type of conversion action.

Compatibility with other platforms – compatibility with such products as MS Office and Google Docs is a great help so add this to your must-have list.  Also, make sure that the system is easy to use for those who may not be too technically minded.

Mobile capability – agents are frequently on the road so look for a cloud-based CRM that is compatible with all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, including both Apple and Android.  Put controls in place to protect sensitive data such as financials.

Choose a CRM specific system, tailored to suit your industry sector, ensure that these top features are included and look forward to being far more efficient, professional and effective.

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