BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck)

BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck) is a CRM with a fully-integrated marketing solution designed for SMBs. The fact that it is not ‘patched together’ avoids the common problem of incompatibility when IT infrastructures are modular and built incrementally. BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck) aims to prevent all the compatibility problems between CRM and marketing software by delivering it all in a single package.

As a small business CRM, BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck) allows users to grow their customer base through small DIY systems that manage the sales funnel with you. It helps manage marketing campaigns via email, giving you a complete story of your contacts and providing useful templates for contacting them. One of the most attractive features of the software is the marketing automation it offers, with easy to set up intelligent actions and notifications that keep your marketing and sales on track.

Other major features include the ability to manage contacts, automate follow-up through drip campaigns and autoresponders and track success through the analytics dashboard, which provides insights into sales and marketing data. As a cloud solution, BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck) can be accessed through any device with internet compatibility.

There are several packages you can choose including small biz; team; professional and enterprise. The cost varies depending on the number of users, contacts, and emails.  All packages come with a Quickstart Package, which includes: a marketing strategy overview, one hour of training from a dedicated consultant, a branded newsletter template, and one pre-built email campaign. This can be upgraded to Quickstart Pro for a small cost and you receive three hours of training and three pre-build email campaigns, as well as a customized sales and marketing process mapping.

Software features

  • Cadence
  • Contact Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Pipeline Management

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Quick spec

Product details

Supplementary Features

  • Marketing Automation

Customer Size

  • Small (1-50 users)

Other Features

  • Multiple Locations
  • Customizable

Hosting Method

  • Cloud

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BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck)

BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck)

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