Pagico CRM is a cloud-based task management and CRM tool designed for both teams and individual users. Its main functions are to organize information, keep staff informed and facilitate access to important data on the go. The main overlap with conventional CRM software is with its contact management function.

One of Pagico’s key design features is an accessible and easy-to-follow UI. The organization of projects, clients, and general files is made easy by the prompt to keep archiving old material and reduce clutter. Instead of endless lists, the software presents future leads and projects as a timeline, so that employees can see priorities at a glance.

These interactive flowcharts link to the files and notes related to the event or client. One interesting aspect of the platform is its ability to cross-link files, so if you are putting together a product list, you can attach specifications to this as a file for salespeople to reference on the go. Everything can be organized simply using the tag browser systems, which help navigate simply through your file system.

Those on the ‘personal’ plan (up to four users) can take advantage of a six-month free trial, with a subsequent one-off payment for unlimited access. ‘Team’ users pay a flat per-month fee, which varies with the number of users.

Software features

  • Contact Management
  • Contract Management
  • Database Management
  • Partner Tracking
  • Task Assignment

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Quick spec

Product details

Customer Size

  • Small (1-50 users)

Other Features

  • Multiple Locations
  • Customizable

Hosting Method

  • Cloud
  • On-premise

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