SugarCRM aim for “accelerated innovation” with new cloud updates

CRM provider SugarCRM has released its latest version of its cloud product and increased the frequency of its release cadence.

There will now be updates to Sugar On Demand released quarterly, in an effort to respond to customer demands for new features whilst maintaining a regular and predictable update structure.

 The Fall ‘17 release offers new data sharing and collaborative features designed for easier communication within companies, who can then offer their customers a more cohesive buying experience. These include:

Shareable dashboards for easier access to key reports. Sugar admins can set up default dashboards for different departments and groups, so they can distribute useful information to users and keep everyone on the same page.

SugarCRM's new shareable dashboard feature


Drill-through charts for deeper understanding of key reports and more efficient analytics activity. Users can now view chart segments in detail to reveal without needing to create a separate report. 

Drill-through charts


A new email module. SugarCRM has completely redesigned its email module to include a central view of all relevant email records. Emails are now associated with accounts, and contacts and can be organized by filtering, searching and tagging.

SugarCRM's redesigned email module


SugarCRM’s chief product officer Rich Green said “SugarCRM customers want innovation, but they also want predictability, two concepts that can sometimes be at odds with each other.

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“Our new release schedule for the Sugar cloud offerings will help us innovate within a predictable release schedule, invest heavily in UX design, quality, scale, and simplify cloud development and deployment.

“The first example of our accelerated innovation is this new feature set packed into the Sugar Fall ‘17 update. This update is designed to make the CRM, and the data within in it, more easily shared, organized and analyzed.”

Missy Brooks, SugarCRM administrator at Milsoft said “The ability to easily analyze data within the CRM will help our company more effectively drive decisions in order to remain customer-focused.

“Sugar’s new drill-through charts feature in the latest release allows us to explore the details behind the numbers. We can actively monitor our sales pipeline and new opportunities, without needing to create a bunch of separate reports.”

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