Five useful apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange

With so many new sales apps being added to the Salesforce AppExchange on a regular basis, it is no wonder that software providers are taking the time to come up with even more inventive and effective new products.

Take a look at the Salesforce AppExchange at any one time and you will see a vast assortment of new sales apps popping up, some of them even being free of charge.  With this in mind, we are going to check in on five of the most useful currently available:

1. InsideView

InsideView you to fine-tune your prospects, making it far more likely that the people you spend time talking to will result in a warm lead or a sale.

InsideView makes use of Smart Agents to check out thousands of sources of information, seeking out prime trigger events such as new product launches, change of leadership, take-overs etc. By tracking key people you can benefit from the many perks provided by social profiling.

2. Satisfaction for Salesforce

Looking to engage with customers – potential and otherwise – via social media? Then Satisfaction for Salesforce is for you. It can be use to link to all of your current customer profiles to show their visibility socially. You will immediately be far more responsive, and you can deal with customer support issues flagged up by social media at the same time.

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3. LinkedIn for Salesforce

This allows you to research prospects and make new contacts/relationships by bringing together your Salesforce CRM with LinkedIn. Contact new leads directly and arrange for alerts whenever their details changed. Save loads of time by not having to deal with your LinkedIn prospects separately.

4. Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook

All sales teams know that social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter can provide a great way of engaging with customers as well as new prospects. This app allows you to see what’s going on via these two channels, connecting and analysing results whilst still in Salesforce. Your interaction will be vastly enhanced and far more effective, allowing you to link through to your customer services or support teams if warranted. Clients will be delighted with your attentiveness and new leads attracted.

5. Lead Capture 

Great for companies who regularly run lead generation campaigns via Facebook, as Lead Capture allows you to use Facebook Lead Ads to automate lead form submissions directly through to your Salesforce CRM. The idea is that you will far less likely to miss a lead and your sales team can get working on them while they are still hot.

Take the time now to check out not only these five sales apps but all of those continually springing up on the Salesforce AppExchange. Not only will you save time and money but your sales teams will be able to interact far more effectively with existing clients whilst farming for new leads easily and smoothly.

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Jane Tareen

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