What to ask vendors about their CRM's social media integration

Before you make a final decision and purchase your new CRM system, it is essential to ask the vendors some essential questions about social media integration. Don’t get side-tracked by focusing only on getting the software installed and working; without considering all technical and organisational aspects, you might find the system falling short a little later down the line.

By asking your vendors a number of key questions beforehand, you might change your mind about which system is suitable for you and even the way that your customer engagement processes work.

Be sure to ask these four questions about CRM social media integration:

1. Can you easily combine CRM and social media data?

It is essential that you can easily combine CRM and social media data in order to put together successful marketing campaigns and targeted ads. Both Facebook and Twitter enable you to upload email lists to their ad platforms so combining CRM data allows you to upload a mix of lists based upon the audiences you want to reach.

2. How will your CRM integrate with current software?

The best CRMs offer social media integration that allows users to share and exchange data with other software, allowing you to produce automated emails with data supplied from your social media sites. If the system on offer does not offer this, can you buy optional plug-ins? It is essential that your current systems can communicate with the new CRM as it needs to be very flexible if it is going to do all you need it to.

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3. What analytics functionality does your CRM offer?

Does the system come with social media analytics built in?  If not, ask about them as making use of a good analytics tool is vital if you want to find out more about your customers. Whatever type of analytics tool is on offer, it needs to allow you to pull off custom reports rather than raw data and link into your social media in order to provide detailed analysis. If the CRM on offer does not allow you to monitor information and statistics from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn then you could be missing out in a very big way.

4. Will any of our in-house processes need to change to get the most out of this software?

Even if your CRM links well with all social media, in order to benefit from the many advantages, you may need to adapt the way in which you engage with customers. Critical data needs to be shared across all departments, providing more sophisticated control and insight. By tweaking your in-house processes, integrating your social media channels with your CRM can be far more successful.

Once you have the answers to all of the questions above, and maybe even a few more that you can add yourself, you will be well on the way to successfully integrating your CRM with social media. This way, your selling process will be strengthened and you will find your sales team connecting, engaging and producing far more leads and prospects.

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