67% of staffing professionals think automation will help free up workers

A new survey of professionals working in the recruitment sector has found that 67% of people believe automation will help workers rather than replace them.

The survey was conducted by Bullhorn, a recruitment software company that develops such recruitment automation software.

The company surveyed 1,000 staffing professionals at its Engage conference in June on several areas and trends that are affecting their businesses, such as technological advancements, increased competition, and growth strategies.

Of those surveyed, 67% said that automation will free staffing professionals from tasks like scheduling and screening in order to dedicate their time and efforts to more significant tasks.

On the other hand, 33% said that they will replace workers with automated technology to cut costs and improve their overall efficiency.

Bullhorn quizzed attendees on the gig economy and online platform for recruitment, where 57% said the recruitment sector should partner with these platforms to take advantage of their lower pricing.

Meanwhile 43% believe that competition from these platforms and their lower costs are “thwarting their businesses”.

Respondents were also polled on how they will grow their businesses in the future. 69% of staffing professionals said they will grow their companies organically and 31% said they will seek growth through mergers and acquisitions to accelerate the process.

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Jonathan Keane

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