90% of non-profits report return on CRM investment in a year

Over 90% of non-profit organizations report returns on a CRM investment within a year of implementation, according to new research by Insightly.

The online CRM provider surveyed 248 non-profit professionals , who said that CRM software had been invaluable in updating processes and identifying opportunities for increasing donor commitment and sustaining repeat donations.

The survey also found that 61% of non-profits reported improved efficiency, and over a third reported higher productivity related to measuring donor contributions.

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Prior to implementing a CRM solution, a strong majority of respondents struggled to organize information related to donor management, which was named by just under half of all correspondents as the most useful feature of their software. Customized reporting, application integration, file sharing and integrated project management features were also noted as having a strong impact on operational efficiency.

Insightly CEO and founder Anthony Smith said “Non-profits are committed to initiating, nurturing and growing relationships with those they serve and with those who support their missions, but they often do so with limited teams.

“Our CRM helps them make the most of their resources, increase donations and give back more.”

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