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Market-leading CRM products tend to be created, promoted and sold by happy workforces. This is no coincidence.


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Well-supported, well-compensated employees who feel that their contributions are recognized are more likely to feel their work is worth putting effort into. On top of this, a competitive benefits package and innovative product will make it that much easier to attract top talent. Top talent attracts more top talent, so the cycle perpetuates itself. 

Long story short, it pays to treat your employees well, which is why we see a correlation between market-leading companies and highly-rated CRM vendors on employee review site Glassdoor. Based on overall ranking and three other criteria publically available on the site - culture and values rating, work/life balance and whether employees would recommend them to a friend - we have profiled ten of the most exciting, innovative and enjoyable CRM vendors to work for. These criteria have been chosen to give a 'broad picture' view of what these workplaces are like, and where their strengths lie as an employer. 

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Overall rankings, scored out of five

Vendor name # of reviews Overall total rating
ProsperWorks 17 5
SalesforceIQ 28 4.8
Contactually 30 4.8
bpm'online 19 4.8
HubSpot 401 4.6
Base 39 4.5
Bullhorn 163 4.4
freshdesk 68 4.3
Pipedrive 21 4.3
Insightly 24 4.3


Culture and values rating, scored out of five

Vendor name # of reviews Culture & values rating
ProsperWorks 17 5
Contactually 30 4.9
SalesforceIQ 28 4.8
HubSpot 401 4.7
bpm'online 19 4.6
Bullhorn 163 4.5
Salesforce 2600 4.5
freshdesk 68 4.4
Pipedrive 21 4.4
Insightly 24 4.4


Work/life balance rating, scored out five

Vendor name # of reviews Work/life balance rating
Pipedrive 21 4.6
SalesforceIQ 28 4.6
Insightly 24 4.6
ProsperWorks 17 4.4
HubSpot 401 4.3
Contactually 30 4.3
freshdesk 68 4.2
Datanyze 22 4.2
Bullhorn 163 4.1
bpm'online 19 4.1


Recommend to a friend (% of reviewers who would recommend company to a friend)

Vendor name # of reviews % recommendations
ProsperWorks 17 100
Contactually 30 100
SalesforceIQ 28 94
bpm'online 19 94
HubSpot 401 93
Insightly 24 93
Zoho 337 91
freshdesk 68 88
Salesforce 2600 86
Base 39 86


Vendor profiles


  • #1 overall
  • #1 for culture and values
  • #4 for work/life balance
  • Joint #1 for recommend to a friend

San Francisco startup ProsperWorks tops the board for workplace culture, and also finishes first overall and in and recommend to a friend ratings. Founded in 2011, ProsperWorks set out to offer businesses of all sizes “a CRM teams actually want to use”. Designed to integrate seamlessly with G Suite, ProsperWorks CRM works around the key principles of keeping it simple, showing data that matters and making it actionable.

"We also know how important it is to have fun and celebrate our wins, so we do that pretty well too."

Central to ProsperWorks’ success is a transparent and open management structure. A recent Forbes study named CEO Jon Lee as the best cloud computing CEO to work for in 2017, and the company was recently named as one of Entrepreneur’s top company cultures. On the topic of what makes ProsperWorks so successful, Jon explains that it’s as much about having fun as it is hard work: "As a team, we're able to overcome the toughest challenges and achieve great things because we hire people who are passionate and ambitious. We also know how important it is to have fun and celebrate our wins, so we do that pretty well too."

Glassdoor reviewers can’t state how much they love working at ProsperWorks enough. Described by reviewers as “crushing it”, “a silent rocket ship” and as the “Best. Job. Ever”, ProsperWorks employees enjoy all the perks of working for a successful startup, including catered meals, 15 days PTO and an onsite bar. Enthusiasm for the company’s products offering runs extremely high, and though ProsperWork’s rate of growth sometimes necessitates longer hours, employees seem more than happy to put the time in.

https://www.prosperworks.com / Glassdoor



  • Joint #2 overall
  • Joint #2 for culture and values
  • Joint #3 for recommend to a friend

SalesforceIQ is the second best CRM provider to work for according to our data, with strong top three finishes in our culture and values and recommend to a friend ratings. Part of Salesforce, SalesforceIQ created the world’s first sales intelligence platform, an out-of-the-box application providing real-time professional relationship analysis with minimal customization.

Salesforce is renowned for its 1-1-1 pledge - which sets out a plan to use 1% of the company’s technology, resources and employee time each year to improve the state of the world around them. As well as being an innovative model for social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility, Chief Philanthropy Officer Suzanne DiBianca suggests that this helps to create high performing, highly motivated teams. On the topic of Salesforce’s founding principles, she says  “The third [principle] was a new philanthropic model—which is to bake it into your company as you begin your start-up process I started when the company was 50 people big and we’re now 20,000 employees globally. I think what we’ve learned is that it creates a great company of high performers.”

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Glassdoor reviewers describe a working environment which offers challenges, but that is extremely rewarding at the same time. One reviewer writes “The atmosphere here is great for learning, and you will always feel comfortable taking risks and doing something you ordinarily wouldn't feel comfortable doing.” Employees liked having the best of both worlds - a fast-paced startup environment supported by a more stable established employer.




  • Joint #2 overall
  • #2 for culture and values
  • #6 for work/life balance
  • Joint #1 for recommend to a friend

Contactually finished joint second in our overall rankings and finished in the top ten across all of our criteria. Their highest finishes were in the culture and values and recommend to a friend rankings, obtaining a perfect score of 100% in the latter. Founded in 2011, Contactually focuses on creating CRM software that is enjoyable to use and built around the needs of the user.

Contactually’s website describes “a supportive environment, flexible work policy, unlimited vacation, and many career-development avenues”. Glassdoor reviews agree, citing working alongside top talent, an enviable benefits package and presence of office canines as some of their favorite things about their workplace. Like many startups work hours can be unpredictable and sometimes long, though employees appreciated flexible working hours and being able to fit their responsibilities around a schedule that suited them.




  • Joint #2 overall
  • #5 for culture and values
  • Joint #9 for work/life balance
  • Joint #2 for recommend to a friend

bpm’online finished joint second overall, with top ten finishes across all three criteria. Their highest score was in the ‘recommend to a friend’ ranking, with a 94% recommendation rating. The company offers a cloud-based end-to-end CRM covering marketing, sales and customer service. The software takes a process-driven approach, which can be modified to suit company workflows with no coding.

“...mind-blowing product concept and client-focused product refinement.”

Glassdoor reviewers were full of enthusiasm for the company product, with one praising the “mind-blowing product concept and client-focused product refinement.” They also appreciated bpm’s commitment to hiring top talent and were optimistic about prospects for career enhancement. Employees describe a busy work environment due to a high rate of growth that wouldn’t suit some people. As another reviewer put it, “You have to work REALLY hard if you want to grow here. But it’s worth it from a career point of view."  




  • #5 overall
  • #4 for culture and values
  • Joint #5 for work/life balance
  • #5 for recommend to a friend

HubSpot was placed in the top five for all of our criteria, finishing highest in the culture and values rankings. HubSpot’s Growth Stack offers products for marketing, sales and customer relationship management and aims to enable customers to “grow like a company twice your size whilst connecting like a real human being”. Products can be purchased separately or used together to create an end-to-end tool that covers the entire process.

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Employees at HubSpot enjoy numerous perks. Free food and beer, a dog-friendly office, FIFA tournaments and ping pong tables are all mentioned by reviewers as reasons why the enjoyed working there. Reviewers also noted that they learned a lot on the job and that they enjoyed working with driven and talented team members. Some sales staff reported long hours and feeling unable to take vacation due to pressure to hit quotas, though a large number of reviews described work/life balance as being very good overall.  




  • #6 overall
  • Joint #9 for recommend to a friend

Base attained top ten finishes in the overall Glassdoor ranking and in the recommend to a friend category. Their all-in-one sales platform offers out-of-the-box reporting, lead-scoring and phone and email tracking, and customers can mix and match functionalities to create a stack that is customized to their team’s needs.

Reviewers liked working for a company with an innovative, disruptive product offering. The environment was described as perfect for those who want to develop their skills - one reviewer writes “if you are an entrepreneur and love wearing multiple hats and constantly being challenged and pushed to better yourself this is the place to be!”. There’s also a monthly personal development allowance, alongside the usual plethora of tech startup perks (free food, monthly happy hour and team events).  




  • #7 overall
  • #6 for culture and values
  • Joint #9 for work/life balance

Bullhorn finished seventh in the overall rankings, with top ten finishes across the culture and values and work/life balance categories. They offer a suite of staffing and recruiting solutions, including CRM, customer analytics and recruitment.

"Reviews mention a fast-paced workplace that offers challenge and enjoyment in equal measure"

Bullhorn aims to “mesh the very best parts of startup culture – the fast pace, driven talent, rapid iteration, and career growth – with the most refreshing parts of being at a tenured company – work/life balance, stability, competitive pay and benefits”. Employees seem to agree - reviews mention a fast-paced workplace that offers challenge and enjoyment in equal measure, with one stating that Bullhorn had furthered their career in the last four years “more than I could ever imagine.” Employees also enjoy a good work/life balance, free meals on Wednesdays and monthly team nights out.




  • Joint #8 overall
  • Joint #7 for culture and values
  • Joint #7 for work/life balance
  • #8 for recommend to a friend

freshdesk scores a full round of top ten finishes. The company provides a cloud-based customer support and helpdesk solution for call centers to use to track customer interactions, focusing on ease of use and multi-channel support.

“They value their employees in every aspect.”

Consistent with the results, Glassdoor reviewers were extremely satisfied with the work/life balance, the flat hierarchical structure and the opportunities for personal development that their workplace offers. “They value their employees in every aspect.” writes one member of staff, whilst another states that “you can reach out to anyone in the organization for any help or to get work done”. Bonus perks include free food, a trendy office space and a competitive salary.




  • Joint #8 overall
  • Joint #7 for culture and values
  • Joint #1 for work/life balance

Sales CRM and pipeline management tool Pipedrive was placed in the top ten overall, and in the culture and values rankings. Its highest finish was in work/life balance, for which it scored joint first. Their software is designed as an activity-based sales tool for small teams, with an emphasis on an intuitive UX and ease of customization.

Employees feel “involved and purposeful”, and reviews mention excitement about working at a high-growth company. Other highlights mentioned by Glassdoor reviewers include working with talented team members, great company events and an enjoyable and innovative workplace culture. Office snacks are rated highly.




  • Joint #8 overall
  • Joint #7 for culture and values
  • Joint #1 for work/life balance
  • Joint #5 for recommend to a friend

Insightly achieved strong top ten finishes across all categories, ranking particularly highly for work/life balance and in the recommend to a  friend categories. Insightly’s CRM and project management tools are designed to be “easy, powerful and affordable”, and are widely used by SMBs and non-profit organizations.

“A great place for ambitious people who want to learn”

Alongside several perks (20 days PTO, free Clipper card for commutes, 15-minute massages on Thursdays), employees mention a  good work/life balance, state of the art office facilities and a helpful and supportive office atmosphere as some of the highlights of working at Insightly.  Described as “a great place for ambitious people who want to learn”, reviews praise a transparent management structure that is “typically supportive of new ideas and suggestions.”


Data analyzed in this research was gathered from publically-available reviews on jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor. Due to small sample size, vendors with fewer than ten reviews have been excluded from analysis.

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