Bullhorn launches new developer and open source program

Recruitment and CRM software firm Bullhorn has launched a Developer Partner Program and Open Source Portal, which will allow developers to build programs within its ecosystem.

The portal will create an open ecosystem that will help Bullhorn’s partners to create new solutions for customer experience using its APIs. Through the Developer Partner Program developers will be able to develop, test, and deploy apps on top of the Bullhorn platform and bring them to market via Bullhorn’s ecosystem of more than 7,000 customers with possible inclusion in the Bullhorn Marketplace.

“The program allows companies to scale their businesses even faster with targeted strategies that help them achieve their goals,” said Bullhorn vice president of alliances and business development, Nina Eigerman.

Fifteen companies are currently using the platform including staffing industry engagement app, Sense.

“Bullhorn’s Developer Partner Program provides us with the necessary tools and strategy, so we can accelerate our goal of helping staffing firms foster stronger relationships with their candidates, reduce attrition, and increase re-deployment,” commented co-founder Pankaj Jindal.

The Open Source Portal meanwhile gives developers access to Bullhorn’s user experience and user interface design elements to help build better user experiences.

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Jonathan Keane

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