Bullhorn announces partnership with jobs site SEEK

CRM and recruitment software firm Bullhorn has announced a new partnership with Australian jobs site SEEK to integrate the portal with the Bullhorn Marketplace.

The closed loop integration between SEEK and Bullhorn will allow companies to post and manage job openings through one system, which has been built on SEEK’s latest APIs. Users will be able to access and update their job posting on SEEK from Bullhorn.

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The integration is available immediately and does not incur any extra costs for joint customers of Bullhorn and SEEK in Australia and New Zealand. However it is only available to customers that have a Bullhorn ATS/CRM license and a SEEK Employer license with an ad pack of at least three ads.

One of the early users of the Bullhorn-SEEK integration is the Natural Selection Group, which said it has seen a boost in productivity and greater streamlining of its processes since adopting the system.

“One of the best things we have found whilst using the integration is how easy it is to filter through the web responses,” the company said in a statement.

“No longer do we need to log into two systems or tediously add resumes to Bullhorn as with the integration the web responses are automatically added per job. We can then filter on the shortlisted candidates in one click by submitting them to the job allowing for a continuous workflow.”

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