Centrex Software releases new CRM solutions for call centres

Illinois-based software company Centrex Software has launched a new line of customer relationship management solutions for its Call Center and Customer Service Center platforms.

Through its call centre software, the company said it wants to give call centres a single platform for managing services, productivity, and revenue. The platform allows staff to view and manage dialler lists, customer data, and productivity data. The software integrates into various phone support systems like CallFire and Blue Rock.

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The new software is part of Centrex’s expansion into the call centre management space; it previously focused on the finance and legal sectors.

 “Most of the clients we have in finance and legal have decent sized teams that make outbound phone calls to bring in new business,” said Trey Markey, software specialist at Centrex. “There is an entire industry out there that does the same thing as an outsourced service for businesses all over the world.”

According to Centrex, the company was founded to just help finance industries but this eventually led them to the likes of call centres and sales professionals that needed similar software. This is the company’s latest product launch, having released a new CRM software product in June for merchant case advance loans.

This background in finance has heavily informed the company’s move into call centres, according to Markel.

“Centrex Software takes a slightly different approach when it comes to data management and how it interfaces with call centre diallers, credit report companies, databases, payment processors, etc.,” he said. “We went a bit deeper and tried to understand the client’s needs whether it be simple or dynamic and complex.”

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