Conga releases Conga Contracts to help businesses negotiate contracts faster

CRM software company Conga has launched Conga Contracts, a new app released on Salesforce AppExchange, for managing and negotiating contracts with clients.

The software, which is built on the Salesforce CRM, has been designed to help companies’ sales teams to manage, negotiate, analyse their contracts. It allows for greater collaboration between the sales team and legal department to close deals more efficiently.

According to Conga, contract related delays are a major paint point for businesses. The software, the company claims, will reduce much of the previous back and forth between the two teams. For example, when a salesperson is negotiating a contract they’ll be able to use Conga Contracts to access a library of approved clauses to help speed the process along.

Conga Contracts clause library

“Conga Contracts helps sales teams manage the process themselves. If a customer needs to negotiate a standard clause in the sales contract, sales teams can quickly update the contract thus increasing sales velocity and win rates,” said Matthew Schiltz, CEO of Conga.

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The company has released two versions of Conga Contracts, Negotiator Edition for agreement redlining and data reconciliation, and Business CLM Edition, which includes additional features for contract lifecycle management (CLM) such as analytics and contract progress tracking. Both editions of the software integrate with Conga Composer and Salesforce CPQ.

Conga Contracts analytics features

“Process cycle time reduction, in the medical device industry, means our customers can serve their patients sooner and frees up precious time for clinicians and hospital administrators,” said Suzan O’Leary, project manager at medical device manufacturer firm Abiomed, which has been using the software.

Along with the library of clauses for the sales team to use, the software’s features include: contract families to help better understand how contracts relate to one another; View Redlines, a feature for viewing and making changes to terms during the negotiations; reporting and analytics for members of all the teams to track the progress; and e-signature integration with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and Sertifi.

Conga Contracts View Redlines feature

Salesforce customers are seeking out this kind of software to make their operations more efficient, added Godard Abel, SVP and GM of Salesforce CPQ. “We are excited about the innovation we see coming out of Conga, as a long-time partner and innovator in the Salesforce ecosystem,” he said.

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