Conga releases updates for Composer, ActionGrid, Novatus products

Business productivity software company Conga has announced several updates to three of its products, Composer, ActionGrid, and Novatus.

The new features extended to the products, which are available from Salesforce AppExchange, will assist businesses in managing and automating their data, documents, and contracts processes.

“To remain competitive, businesses today must ensure the accuracy of their data in order to improve efficiency – this is why we are introducing new features that focus on providing actionable insights, faster data updates and more efficient automation,” said Doug Rybacki, Conga’s vice president of product management.

In Composer, businesses will now be able to use data from non-Salesforce systems. It has also added live edit functions that allow users to edit documents after merging data.

ActionGrid has added Quick-Start Grids for finding insights into Salesforce data with greater visibilityinto a business’s analytics as well as increased email functionality for reaching more customers.

In Novatus, customers will now be able to access new bulk data import capabilities, removing the need to import spreadsheets piece by piece. It has also added new security features and released its analytics and clause management capabilities, previously in beta, to all customers.

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Jonathan Keane

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