Freshworks launches Intelligent Workflows for Freshsales CRM

Cloud CRM provider Freshworks have announced the launch of a new Intelligent Workflows feature to automate processes in their Freshsales CRM product.

The feature, which will be available immediately, is designed around a simple ‘if-then’ structure. User-defined events like winning a new contract or the creation of a new lead can trigger pre-programmed follow-up actions with no manual input required.

Screenshot of Freshsales' new Intelligent Workflows feature


For example, a deal being marked as ‘won’ could be programmed to trigger an automatic ‘welcome’ email to the new client. Intelligent Workflows can also track user behavior on a company’s website or app to allow for detailed insights into customer behavior and increased conversion rates.

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Using Intelligent Workflows will allow sales teams to focus more on the task at hand and will reduce errors that arise from repetitive administrative work, according to to Freshworks’ head of product Srivatsan Venkatesan.

He said “With the launch of this feature, sales teams can now create seamless workflow automations for even the most complex processes in a matter of minutes. Repetitive tasks can be automated, which in turn helps sales teams focus on tasks that need their attention, thereby helping them be more productive.”

Patrick Barnes, co-founder and CEO of Freshworks client Advocately, added “By automating emails and tasks, Intelligent Workflows in Freshsales ensures all leads and deals are managed efficiently. The flow-on effect of this means absolutely no leads are mismanaged, thus making the team more productive and of course, an increase in sales.

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