Infor announces new sales intelligence software suite

Enterprise software firm Infor has released Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM, a new service for the Infor Customer Experience Management software suite.

The software has been built to aid users targeting and optimizing recommendations to customers and prioritizing customers based on data around the purchases they are likely to make. This data, such as transaction history, informs these decisions and uses advanced data science algorithms to determine the best results and learns continuously to cultivate greater customer loyalty.

A customer’s “purchase likelihood” is measured and displayed for the user with scores between one and ten, ten being the most likely to make a purchase.

The solution determines the best resources for each customer based on their data, which Infor says will save companies time and costs as efforts are focused on customers and potential customers that need it the most. The software will also provide purchasing patterns and predictive analytics on what products are likely to sell well.

According to the company, Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM will “auto-tune” to an organisation’s data for immediate use.

Jason Rushforth, GM and vice president of Infor Customer Experience suite said “Analytics are continuing to drive business decisions, and organizations need to do more than just collect customer data - they need to put it to work.

“Infor’s innovative data science applications are able to unlock the potential of a company’s data to improve customer relationships, and can provide the edge an organization needs in a highly competitive market.”

Infor currently has 90,000 customers in 200 countries using its enterprise software.

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Jonathan Keane

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