MapAnything releases new geo features for locating nearby leads

Productivity software firm MapAnything has launched its latest geo-productivity feature, MapAnything Nearby, for generating leads based on location and scheduling better routing schedules.

MapAnything Nearby is a Salesforce Lightning Component with Search, Routing, and MapAnything Live Enhancements to help sales teams better plan their deal closing. The features allow a sales team to find accounts and leads that are nearby. The software will alert sales reps about potential leads in the local area.

The new updates to the software come a couple of months after the company raised $33.1 million inventure funding.

Routing features have been enhanced to create better travel routes for meeting customers and leads face to face. MapAnything Live Enhancements give sales reps an insight into how customers are using the Live IoT and telematics solution and an opportunity to respond to outages in time.

“In this day and age, there’s really no reason to use the same antiquated processes to conduct business,” said MapAnything’s chief product officer, Tom DiVittorio, “with Nearby, we’re helping our clients schedule intelligently, with minimal effort required on their end; that means less time planning, and more time closing deals or servicing clients and constituents.”

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Jonathan Keane

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