A look at Salesbox's customizable fields - and what else is in the pipeline

To make it easier for their users to segment data and find the right information faster Salesbox has just added a 'custom fields' feature.

We talked to Salesbox CEO Andreas Lalangas about new functionality being added to the software, and how this will improve customers' workflows. He also gave us a bonus sneak peek at all the updates users can expect across the first quarter of this year...

What was the impetus behind developing custom fields in Salesbox?

We saw an increased demand from medium to large companies to be able both add to and search on their own data - especially to be able to segment customers, opportunities and leads. For companies that operate in many business areas, or that have a particularly diverse portfolio of clients. this is crucial. 

How do you hope custom fields will improve user's experience of Salesbox as a software tool? 

Our new custom fields will make it easier for our customers to find relevant information in the system quickly. It will also make it much easier to segment customers, leads and deals to follow up on a more granulated level. 

How important do you think customisation is in the CRM marketplace? 

For smaller companies in early stages it is less important, but as they grow both in terms of organization and portfolio-wise it becomes more and more important. Regardless of size, it is always important to be able to customize your different sales processes so that your sales tool really aligns with the user specific reality.

Is customization a major development point for you - any plans to add more options in future?

Yes - we will add the following features during Q1 2017:

Advanced search

Salesbox advanced search will allow you to build your own AND/OR searches. Search on the fly, save the searches to your personal searches, or share your searches with relevant colleagues. You can also export the results to Excel and PDF.

Personal dashboards

To give our users the option to compare basically any customer information they choose, we will offer customizable personal dashboards with diagrams, pie charts and lists that you create yourself. This will allow users to compare different data points over different time periods. Example calls, closed sales, appointments, leads etc.

They will also be able to compare different data sets for the same user - as an example: user calls vs appointments vs closed deals over a specific period.


Salesbox's upcoming multi-relations tool will allow users to set different relations between accounts and contacts. Users will be able to set different relations between different accounts, set different relations between a contact and different accounts, and also to set relations between different contacts.

This is particularly important for users who deal with people who are employed by one company but perform their work for another.

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