When is it time to upgrade your CRM?

Every business can benefit from having a CRM in place but once you have your system, you can’t just forget about it.  All software can become outdated and outlive its usefulness. When this happens you need to look at ways of improving the system with an upgrade.

What is upgrading a CRM?

Once you begin to notice problems with your current CRM software, take a step back and consider whether you need to make improvements by upgrading or putting a new system in place.  You can do this via your current vendor or find another one.

New system or upgrading an existing system?

Before you can decide on a CRM upgrade or replacement, you need to follow a short decision- making process.  Ask yourself:

  • How are employees coping with the existing CRM?   Ask the key users what they think. What do they like and what are they finding difficult? Whilst an upgrade can fix some issues, it cannot take care of everything. 
  • How is your relationship with your current vendor?  Do they offer good support? What are their charges like?  Do they seem to keep up-to-date with new technology? 
  • What about your current hardware/software setup?  Could your server cope with a brand new CRM? Do you have the ability to get access to the cloud with strong internet and software? 
  • Compare an upgrade to a new system -  If you go with an upgrade of your current system, will it look like a new one or simply have a few minor changes? Do you need to make major changes or would this work? 
  • What about the cost differences – look at the cost of an upgrade compared to a new system. Look at other vendors prices too and then make a decision either way. 

Signs it’s time to upgrade your CRM

Here are a couple of signs that may indicate you need to make a change:

Recently upscaled

You may be debating an upgrade because your company has recently upscaled.  Look at your business size now. Don’t think you have to have fancy add-ons now if you can cope without them.  How are your team coping with the current CRM and are they making noises about it not working properly? Are they nervous about a massive change or switch to a new system? HubSpot research shows that only 22% of sales teams know what a ‘CRM’ is.  If tech training is going to be tough, maybe you should stick with something simple. You need the software that your business needs today, not in five years or more. 

New functionality needed

Look at what you need and what you want.  Don’t get stuck following new trends in technology. You can add new functionality without getting complex. SalesForce research shows that 72% of users favor usability above all other functions.  If an upgrade will do what you need, a new system may not be necessary.

If you can reconfigure your current software or use an add-on, a CRM upgrade may be for you.  But if this just won’t work and your current CRM has truly stopped meeting your needs, then a new one may be in order.  Whichever way you go, make sure you can afford it as affordability is key. Sophisticated new systems can come with a heavy price tag and require complex handling.

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