A guided tour of Salesbox's latest updates

Sales software provider Salesbox has released three updates to its CRM tool over the past couple of weeks - multi-relations, advanced search and ‘today’s not handled appointments’. Each of these center Salebox’s main selling points of ease of use for mobile users and well-thought-out collaborative tools.  

Below we take a detailed look at each of them and talk to Salesbox CEO Andreas Lalangas about how they improve his company’s product offering.


The first feature on the list is the multi-relation functionality. Designed to better reflect the complexity of modern purchase processes - which often involve purchase consultants and resellers difficult to fit into a ‘traditional’ CRM approach - alongside your end customer.  

“With Salesbox Multi relations the users can connect different accounts to each other, connect different contacts to multiple accounts, and connect different contacts to each other,” explains. Andreas.

“This will give much better control of the relations that exist between different accounts and within a specific account. It also makes it easier to track sales when third-party/external people are driving the purchase process on behalf of the end customer.”

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So, if a contact is employed by one company but is an independent consultant for another, users can add them to both of these accounts as different relations. Similarly, multiple relations can be listed for accounts in relation to other accounts (e.g account 1 as a subsidiary of account 2 and a reseller to account three), or contacts in relation to other contacts (e.g contact 1 as a manager to contact 2 and a mentor to contact 3).

Salesbox plans to develop this feature with the addition of instantly-generated organizational charts at the account level, which update automatically with the addition of more contacts to the account.

Advanced Search

“Many companies have tons of activities, leads, customers and opportunities to manage every day. This can create hurdles to finding relevant objects quickly. To simplify the segmentation of activities and reporting Salesbox has launched an advanced search feature that lets users search according to the AND/OR principle” Andreas says.

The new Advanced Search feature can be used to search tasks, leads, opportunities, contacts and appointments. A color-coded interface helps users understand complex AND/OR constructions, and the searches can be applied to both standard and custom fields.

Users can save useful, regularly-performed searches, and can also share searches with colleagues on an individual, departmental or company-wide level. Results can also be exported onto an Excel spreadsheet to share those not using the same Salesbox account.

Today’s not handled appointments

If you’ve ever tired of nagging your sales reps to log their meetings in your CRM, Salesbox’s new mobile feature could be for you.

Automated mobile reminders for meeting updates  have been available in Salesbox for a while. Where the new ‘not handled appointments’ feature comes in is by sending an automated reminder at the end of the day prompting reps to update any appointments they hadn’t managed to handle over the course of the day.

According to Andreas, the logic behind this is that sales reps are busy people, and won’t necessarily have time to follow up on meetings immediately, even with automated reminders. The idea is that “this simplifies the process for the end user and reduces the risk for missing out on important updates. Since it gets sent on mobile it is very convenient, as only click, swipe and voice are needed to do the updates.”

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